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A brief overview on how teachers use SmartPass

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In this article we will review the teacher home page, as viewed from a web browser. Your experience on the mobile app may vary.

Get Started With SmartPass Academy!

Hey Teachers! I am sure your admin have plenty in store for you to ensure a success launch, but a great way to get started with SmartPass is to join one of our live SmartPass Academy PD sessions. Don't worry, if your schedule is pretty busy, you can watch a pre-recorded session!

Teacher Home

When you log into your Teacher account you will be brought to the Teacher Home screen as seen here.

On your Homepage you will find all of your pass information. Below we will walk though each of the different components of your Homepage.

First, below the greeting you will see the room you are currently viewing. If you are tagged to more than one room in SmartPass, by clicking the drop down arrow you can switch rooms.

The 3 dots to the right of the room name allow you to launch Kiosk Mode, display your room code, and toggle the display of ended passes on or off.

Active Passes

If you have any active passes to or from your room you will see those listed first. Here we can see Penelope has an active pass to my room.

Today's Schedule

Below any active passes will be Today's Schedule. These are passes for students scheduled to come to, or leave from your room. This is a great reminder of who you have coming to work with you, as well as who might have a pass for something such as early dismissal or a meeting with a principal.

Ended Passes

Below Today's Schedule is your Ended Passes. Here you will find the prior passes that have ended that are tied to your room. The settings icon allows you to adjust how many days of ended passes to display.

Pass Requests

On the right you will see any Pass Requests you have. These are divided by Now and Scheduled. You can click to toggle between the two. To learn more check out our guide on Pass Requests

Hall Monitor

Across the top, next to Home you will find Hall Monitor. Here you can get a snapshot of everything happening in your building by viewing all active passes on campus. Click here to learn more about Hall Monitor view.


On the Calendar you can view all of your upcoming scheduled passes, as well as click on them to see more information and even delete the pass.

Creating and Scheduling Passes

In the top right you will see Schedule and Create. These are how you create passes. Create is used to write a student a pass for right now, while schedule is used to write a pass for a future time. Head over to our guides for Creating Passes and Scheduling Passes to learn more!


By clicking the settings/profile picture icon you will open your Settings. Here you will find a variety of tools to help manage your SmartPass, including your Approval PIN and Notification settings (including Sound and Email) and Student Groups, among others.

Help Center

Lastly the question mark in the bottom corner launches our Help Center, where you can find support articles, and use the Live Chat!


What does the search bar in the top-left corner do?

With this search bar, you can search for any student in your school and view their Snapshot Page, which contains all the information of a student in SmartPass. Please click the link below to learn more about the Student Snapshot Page: Student Search & Stats

I am also an admin in my school. How do I switch to the admin view?

You can easily switch back to your admin view by going to your settings and selecting “Admin View”. Please click the link below for detailed instructions on switching back and forth between these roles: Switching Between Teacher and Admin

I teach at two different buildings. How do I switch between each SmartPass school?

You can easily switch back between schools by on the drop-down at the top of your teacher view and selecting the school you wish to switch to. Please click the link below for detailed instructions on switching back and forth between schools: Switch Between Schools

I was given an Assistant Account to act on behalf of another teacher. What do I need to do?

The Assistant view is identical to the Teacher view since the Assistant will act directly as the certain Teacher(s). All they have to do is log in. At the top, it will show who they are acting on behalf of, and if needed select the proper Teacher.

To the Student, there is no indication that the Assistant performed a certain action and not the actual Teacher.

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