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Scheduling Passes Guide for Teachers
Scheduling Passes Guide for Teachers

How teachers can make passes for the future

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Scheduling a Pass

When making a Pass, a Teacher may want to schedule a meeting with a Student or need a Student to be in a room at a certain time at a later date for things such as an assembly or clubs.

To schedule passes for a future time (starting 5 minutes out):

  • In your teacher account, Click the Schedule button in the top menu bar

  • Select, or input, the date and time that you would like the pass to start. The duration of the pass must align with the pass limit for the destination room you will choose.

  • Choose wether you want the pass to repeat

  • Toggle Declinability (explained below) on or off

    • If a pass is not declinable, select the origin room

  • Select the destination room

  • Select the student(s) or group(s) you want to schedule the pass for

  • Include a message to the student (optional)

  • Click Schedule

Once scheduled, the Pass will either go to the Scheduled Passes section and calendars for the student and destination teacher along with the daily schedule for the origin teacher or to the Requests area on the Home Tab if the Declinability was set to Declinable.

Check out this example of how a counselor is able to schedule a pass for a student:

Pass Declinability

When a teacher schedules a pass for a student(s), they have the option to let the student be able to decline the Pass Request

  • Declinable: Teacher sends a Pass Request to student(s), and the student(s) are able to decline the Pass sent to them. Teachers do not have to input the Origin Room of the Student(s). Learn more about Pass Requests here.

  • Non-Declinable: Teacher sends a Scheduled Pass to student(s), and the Student is not able to decline or delete the Pass sent to them. Teachers must input the Origin Room of the Student(s).

Starting a Scheduled Pass

Once a Pass is in the Scheduled Passes section, or on the calendar, it will start automatically once the time arrives.

If your notification setting for Schedule Passes is enabled, you will get a notification alerting you that the scheduled pass has started for the Student.

In this example, Mr. Hughes can see that Kelly is going to Mrs. Carrier at 2:30pm and Nick is coming to his room at 2:35pm.

Canceling a Scheduled Pass

If a Teacher would like the cancel a Scheduled Pass for any reason, simply select it in the list, click the trash icon, and click "Delete Pass".

Doing this will remove it from the Scheduled Passes list for the Origin Teacher, the Destination Teacher, and the Student.

Here's what it looks like if Mr. Hughes deleted Nick's scheduled pass:


Can I edit a scheduled pass?

No. If you need to change anything in a scheduled pass, you will need to delete it and schedule a new one.

Where can I see if a student already has a scheduled pass?

The best way to see if a student already has a scheduled pass is through the Student Snapshot page. You can read more about this feature and where to find it here: Student Search & Stats

Are there any notifications for scheduled passes?

Yes! Teachers can get notified of scheduled passes they created. Please click in the following link to learn more: Email Notifications

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