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Teacher 'Home' Overview
Teacher 'Home' Overview

A general overview of a teacher's home tab

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The first tab on the Teacher View is the Home tab. This is where Teachers can see all Passes that are created to and from their Room(s). They can also see Active, Waiting-in-Line, and Scheduled Passes for their Room(s). If this screen says 'currently unavailable' or "you are not assigned", it means that the Teacher has not been assigned to any Rooms by an admin.

Important Note: The Home tab is currently only available on web browsers and Android App. On the iOS app, the Home Tab is referred to as "My Room"


From the Home tab, teachers can monitor and control all aspects of movement to and from their assigned Room(s). As you can see in the image of Mr. Hughes' Home Tab below, there are a few key sections he can use to monitor his students' movement. We'll talk about each indicated section below.

Mr. Hughes can see that he is assigned to a room because it shows that he is "Currently In: Mr Hughes in the top left and he is able to see all of the passes on his home tab.

Pass Requests

All pass requests that are sent to a specific teacher appear in the pass requests section, regardless of the destination room the pass is for. Students are able to select which teacher(s) receive the pass requests and teachers are able to manage these requests from this section on their home tab.

Active Passes

Teachers can view Active Passes that are to or from a Teacher's Room in this section at the top of their home tab. Each Pass shows: which Student the Pass is for, the Student's profile photo, the Student's Destination, and a timer countdown of the time remaining on the Pass. Hovering over, or clicking on, the pass will display additional information and options for teachers.

Waiting-in-Line Passes

When students are waiting in a SmartPass line, their waiting pass will display in a separate section on the Home Tab with information similar to an active pass. Teachers can easily keep an eye on where students are in the virtual line by using the information at the bottom of the pass.

Today's Schedule

In this section are a list of all scheduled passes that will go to or from the teacher's room that day. This schedule does update in real-time though, so you'll want to check it periodically throughout the day to see if any passes have been scheduled for your room.

Ended Passes

Teachers can view all of the ended passes that have gone to or from their assigned room in this section. With a quick glance, you can see a complete picture of student movement related specifically to your room.

If this view is a little too much for you, the ended passes view can be turned off using the menu next to your assigned room name.

Searching for Students

Need to know something about a specific student's movement on campus? Teachers can use the search bar to look up specific students and be taken to the Student Snapshot page.

Switching Rooms

Some Teachers may have multiple Rooms or need to view Pass activity for multiple Rooms. They can quickly switch the Room they are viewing by clicking the "Currently in" bar on the main home screen.

This will reveal a drop-down of all Rooms that the Teacher is assigned to.

Administrators determine the Room(s) a teacher has access to so if one is missing from your home tab, make sure you touch base with your admins.


Where can I find my Room Code?

When students have a restriction student to end passes, teachers can generate a Room Code for students. Please click on the following link to learn more about teacher check-ins: Room Check-ins Guide for Teachers

To find your room code, first select the room where the code is needed, then click the three dots next to the room’s name and select “Room Code”.

How can I hide/show or filter the Ended Passes on my Home View?

Yes! You can hide/show and filter ended passes from your Home View and/or teacher settings. Please click on the following guide for more information: Filter & Hide Expired Passes

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