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How to manage Student Groups

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When making Passes, Teachers may find that they are sending them for the same group of Students multiple times. To streamline this process, SmartPass has Student Groups. A Students Group is exactly as is sounds, as group of Students. This means that when making Passes, all that is needed is to click on the Student Group and all of the Students within it are automatically selected.

Making a Student Group

To make a Student Group first click either the Now or Future button in the Create Pass area to open the Pass creation window. From here, click the New Student Group button in the lower left corner. If students are already selected, the button will also say "with selected students" and the group will be populated with said Students. First the name of the Student Group must be entered. From there, there have two options:

  • Entering Student names - Simply type the names of the Students that should be in the Group into the search and select their names. They can be removed by clicking their name again.

  • Uploading a .csv/.xlsx (Excel) File - All the file needs to contain is a list of student emails. To upload it, click the "Upload File" button and select the file. This will automatically populate the Student Group.

Once done, click the green "Save" button in the top right and a new Student Group will be saved.

Editing a Student Group

To edit a Student Group, open up the Pass creation window once again to begin. Then select the Student Group should be edited and click the blue "Edit Group" button. From here the menu allows for adding or removing Students with the search or file Upload. When uploading a file, Students that are not already in the Student Group will be added, so the old contents of the Student Group will not be replaced. Once the edits are made, click "Save" to preserve the changes or click Cancel in the upper left to exit the edit without saving.

From the edit screen, there is also the ability to delete a Student Group by clicking the red Delete button in the bottom left.

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