Student Groups

How to create, edit, delete and manage Student Groups

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When making Passes, Teachers may find that they are sending them for the same group of Students multiple times. To streamline this process, SmartPass has Student Groups. This means that when making Passes, all that is needed is to click on the Student Group and all of the Students within it are automatically selected.

Making a Student Group

There are two ways to make a Student Group, both require you to start by logging in to your teacher page and select the settings/profile icon in the top right corner and selecting Student Groups.

Method 1-

From here select New Student Group button. Name the Student Group and begin to add students by typing their name. Click on the student once their name pops up. Once you have built your group you will hit Save Group.

Method 2 -

Starting from the same "Student Group" tab as above, this method will allow you to create a group by uploading a .csv/.xlsx (Excel) File - All the file needs to contain is a single column list of student emails.

This is great for larger groups of students, especially if you can export the list from another source and upload it to SmartPass. To begin you simply type into the field with any letter. This will populate the Upload File button. Click this and select the file needed. This will automatically populate the Student Group.

Once added you can click the Save Group button in the bottom right and a new Student Group will be saved.

Editing and Deleting a Student Group

To edit a Student Group, open up the same tab as in the above steps, Student Groups". Then select the Student Group that needs to be edited and click the Edit Group button. From here the menu allows for adding or removing Students with the search or file upload.

When uploading a file, students that are not already in the Student Group will be added, so the old contents of the Student Group will not be replaced. Once the edits are made, click "Save Group" to preserve the changes.

From the edit screen, there is also the ability to Delete a Student Group by clicking the red Delete Group button next to Edit Group.


Can I use my student groups for Flex Activities too?

Yes! Your Student Groups can also be used to add students to a Flex Activity roster.

Are Student Groups visible to all teachers?

No. Student Groups are only available to the teacher who created them.

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