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Pass Requests Guide for Teachers
Pass Requests Guide for Teachers

This article will describe how to manage pass requests for teachers.

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What are the different Pass Requests?

There are 2 types of Pass Requests. Now and Scheduled. Pass Requests for now, require action to approve to start a pass immediately, and scheduled pass requests require action for a pass sometime in the future. You have the ability to toggle between these on your teacher home page.

What is a Received Pass Request?

As a teacher, you might get Pass Requests from students who can't make their own passes. If a room shows a lock icon to students, they can't create a pass there. Instead, they'll ask you for one.

You can see these Pass Requests and decide what to do: approve or deny them. If you approve, the pass goes into either the Active Passes or Scheduled Passes section, depending on the type.

If you deny a Pass Request, the student gets a message about it. You can even add a message to explain why.

Sent Pass Requests

Teachers send Pass Requests to Students when they are creating Future Passes that are Decline-able. Learn more about Declineability and making Scheduled Passes here.

Missed Pass Requests

If a Teacher has a Pass Request past the date of the Pass, they can see the missed Pass Request and resend it or delete the Pass Request. Note, in addition to saying "Missed" a missed Request will display the text for the time with a strike through it.


Are there any other ways to approve pass requests?

Yes! You can approve a pass request directly on the student’s device or Kiosk mode by using your Teacher Approval Pin. To learn more, please click the following link: Approving Pass Requests for Now

Can a student include a message with their pass request?

Yes, they can! To check if one of these passes has a message, click on the pass to open it and click on the arrow pointing to the right to view the message.

Can I change the order in which Pass requests are listed?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is click the arrows icon in the top-right corner of the Pass Request panel and toggle between newest to oldest order, or vice versa.

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