What is a Request?

Abbreviated as Request, a Pass Request is a Pass that is pending digital approval or acceptance.

Received Pass Requests

Teachers receive Pass Requests from Students when Students don't have the permission to create the pass themselves. When a Room has a lock icon in the Student View, instead of being able to create a Pass for themselves, a Student will be prompted to send a Pass Request to a Teacher.

Teachers can view the Pass Requests they received, approve the Pass Requests they received, or deny the Pass Requests they received.

  • If a Teacher accepts a Pass Request, the Pass Request moves to the Active Passes section or Scheduled Passes section depending on the type of Pass.

  • If a Teacher denies a Pass Request (optionally with a message to the Student), the student is notified of the denial.

Sent Pass Requests

Teachers send Pass Requests to Students when they are creating Future Passes that are Declineable. Learn more about Declineability and making Scheduled Passes here.

Missed Pass Requests

If a Teacher has a Pass Request past the date of the Pass, they can see the missed Pass Request and resend it or delete the Pass Request.

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