Alert Sounds
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Utilizing Alert Sounds is a great way for teachers to stay updated in class. Both teacher and kiosk devices will audibly signal alerts.

How to enable / disable sounds

Sounds are enabled by default and are only available for teacher and kiosk devices. If you want to check if sounds are enabled, first click on the settings gear/profile picture in the top right corner of your Teacher page, then click on Notifications.

In the menu that appears, look for the "All Sounds" toggle.

When are sounds played?

Sounds are currently played in the six following situations. You can click on each item to hear what sound will be played.

1) Sounds for Call Downs

In SmartPass, a Call Down happens when a teacher creates a pass for a student who is currently in another room. Think of a nurse calling a student to their office. Call Downs substitute a phone call or PA announcement.

When a call down occurs in SmartPass, the pass shows up either on the origin room's kiosk screen or on the teacher's My Room tab. In addition, the Call Down sound is played on those devices. Click here to listen to it.

2) Sounds for Expiring Passes

Passes on the teacher's home screen and passes on kiosk devices will play a sound when the timer hits 0 and starts to count back up. Click here to listen to the sound. This is a great cue to closely watch for this student's return.

3) Automatically Ended Passes

If a pass is significantly over its time limit and the pass is automatically ended by the overtime pass limit, another sound is played on both the teacher and kiosk mode. Click here to listen to the sound. If a student is not back by the time the pass ends, we usually recommend following your school procedures for tracking students down to ensure their safety.

4) Sounds for new Pass Requests

If a teacher receives a pass request, their device will also play a sound. This is great for teachers, nurses or guidance counselors that need to approve pass requests before students can come to their room. Click here to listen to the sound.

5) Sounds for Waiting in Line

On Kiosk devices, when a pass is ready to start, it will play a sound. This alerts the student so that they can approach the kiosk and start their pass. Click here to listen to the sound.

6) Sounds for creating a pass on a kiosk

When passes are created on a kiosk, it will make a quick sound to let the teacher know a pass was made. Click here to listen to the sound.


Can I upload/choose custom sounds for each alert?

No. Alert Sounds are non-customizable.

Can I choose which situations trigger an Alert Sound?

No. You can either turn on or off for Alert Sounds for all alerts.

Sound Alerts are on, but I don’t hear them. What should I do?

Please follow the steps in the guide below, under the “No notification sounds” section: Troubleshoot notifications

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