In this article, you will learn how to approve pass requests sent by students to your room with an approval pin.

Where is your Approval Pin?

When you are logged in as a teacher, you will be able to find a gear icon โš™๏ธ on the top right corner of your screen. Once in there you will see the Approval Pin option.

Click the Approval Pin option to know what is your pin, you can continue using the one you were assigned by default, or you could just change it to a new 4-digit pin of your preference.

How to approve a pass with a teacher Pin

When room restrictions are set on your room, students will be able to send a request to visit your room, but you will need to approve these on your end in order for the passes to go active and you could simply approve from your device when you are in your office.

However, on certain occasions, you might be out of your office and not close to your device but next to the student at the moment he creates the pass request, that is when the student will see on his screen an option to enter a teacher pin for the pass to go active.

All you have to do is enter your teacher pin on the student's device, then the pass will go active immediately on the student's device.

Keep in mind not to disclose the pin to any student, you don't want them approving passes to your room, but if it happens, no need to be worried, you can change your pin as many times as you may need.

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