How to manage your SmartPass notifications

Teachers have the option to receive various notifications in a form of a push, an email, or both. The notification settings can be found by clicking on the gear icon that's beside their name in the upper right corner of the screen.

What are the notifications you may receive for?

  • Pass Requests - alerts when a Student sends you a Future Pass Request. When a Student creates a Future Pass to a restricted room where your approval is required, you will get either a push, an email notification, or both (depending on your setting).

  • Declinable Future Pass Requests - A Teacher may create a declinable future pass for a student and will get notified whether the Student accepted or declined the pass. A Teacher can select either push notifications, email, or both.

  • ‍Scheduled Passes - Teachers would get notified whether the Scheduled Passes they created for a Student is about to start or have been deleted by the Student.

    When an email notification is turned on, Teachers would get a summary email at the beginning of the day, and another email 10 minutes before the start of each scheduled pass. Push notifications, on the other hand, will pop up 5 minutes before the start of each scheduled pass.

  • My Rooms - You may turn this setting on so you would get a push notification whenever a pass is created to or from your room. You would also get notified when a pass from your room has expired.

  • When Certain Students Make Passes - This is perfect for when you want to get notified each time certain students have an active pass. You may also select whether you want to be notified via Push, Email, or both.

Additional Notification Settings for Teachers with Admin roles

Teachers with Admin roles will have additional options listed in their Notification Setting.

  • Reports - Admins may opt to receive email notifications when a Teacher reports a Student.

  • Encounter Prevention - An email notification will be sent to the Admin each time an encounter is prevented when this setting is toggled on.

  • Weekly Summary - When this is turned on, an email is sent to Admins every Monday morning with an overview of what is happening with SmartPass in your School.

Troubleshooting notifications

Are notifications not working? Click here for an article on how to fix them.‍

Notifications are supported on the following devices:

  • iOS devices running iOS 10.0 or later

  • Android devices running Android 4.1 or later.

  • Chrome 68 or later.

  • Firefox 66 or later.

  • Note: support for Safari web browser notifications is coming soon

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