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A general overview of SmartPass Room creation

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The first step in the creation of your SmartPass digital school will be taken in our “Rooms” tab, which is located in the fourth tab of our Admin view. Here, administrators are able to mirror the organization of their physical campus within SmartPass. You’re given the opportunity to create and modify student locations, such as restrooms, water fountains, and classrooms for your entire school.

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General Settings

At the top right of the page, you’re given access to alter this “Rooms” tab using the buttons “Options” and “Edit”.


The “Edit” tool has two main functions:

  1. Bulk Edit:

    1. With this tool, you’re able to bulk edit room settings. As you can see below, I’m adjusting the room configuration for both my Water Fountain & Bathrooms.

  2. New Folder With Selection:

    1. “New Folder With Selection” allows administrators to group rooms by function. For example, many schools find it beneficial to combine bathrooms into one folder. Below, I’ve selected 2 bathrooms that should be grouped under one folder. All I need to do is select “New Folder With Selection” and I will have successfully edited my rooms. This organization provides students a simplified view when choosing a destination location and can reduce the amount of time needed to create a pass, maximizing instructional time.


At the top right-hand corner of the screen, you can click “Options”, which allows administrators to adjust pass settings for their school. For example, we have chosen to enable the “Wait in line” feature below, so students are allowed out of class in the order they requested their pass.

Rooms vs. Folder:

When creating a new student location within SmartPass, you must choose to create a new “Room” or create a new “Folder”. A Room is a single location where a Pass can be made as its Origin or Destination. Classrooms, Bathrooms, and Water Fountains are all examples of “Rooms” on your campus. “Folders” are used to organize and group rooms by function. For example, grouping each individual Water Fountain “Room” into a “Folder” allows for students to easily navigate SmartPass effectively.


Can I have more than one with the same name?

No. Room names are unique, meaning no two rooms can have the same name per SmartPass school.

Can I move a room out of a folder?

No, you can only move/add a room to a folder, but not the other way around. For these scenarios, you will need to delete the room inside a folder and add it as a new single room to your SmartPass school.

Do I need to add origin rooms and destination rooms separately?

No, a Room can act as both the origin or the destination of a pass. There are settings and restrictions that you can configure for each scenario, including the option to turn off the room as an origin.

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