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Creating Passes Guide for Teachers
Creating Passes Guide for Teachers

How to make simple Passes as a Teacher

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Welcome, Teachers, to this step-by-step guide on how to use SmartPass to create passes for your elementary, middle school, and high school students. SmartPass is a powerful tool designed to streamline and simplify the process of managing student passes. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to make simple passes as a teacher, ensuring a smooth experience for both educators and students.

1. +Create Pass vs. Schedule Pass

To get started, teachers can create passes for students by choosing between two options: create a pass on the spot or schedule a pass for the future.

Here's how it works:

  • +Create Pass: If a teacher wants a student to have a pass for an immediate request, they should click the green "+Create Pass" button located at the top right hand corner of the screen. The pass is automatically sent to the student(s) and starts immediately.

  • Schedule Pass: If a teacher plans to schedule a pass for a future time, they should select the white "Schedule Pass" button in the same area. Teachers have the option to send it as a pass request or as a scheduled pass. For more details about scheduling passes for the future, you can refer to the relevant section.

2. Select Student(s)

Teachers must specify the student(s) to whom they want to send a pass. They can easily search for students by name within the school and then select them from the search results. Teachers can also send multiple passes to multiple students simultaneously.

Student Groups

For added convenience, teachers have the option to create student groups, allowing them to select several students with a single click. If you'd like to learn more about how to create and manage student groups, click here.

3. From where?

After selecting the students, teachers can choose the room where the student(s) are currently located. They can search for all available rooms within the school or select from a pre-defined list. To expedite this process, teachers can customize their favorite rooms in the Settings.

4. To where?

Next, teachers should choose the room to which they want the student(s) to go. Administrators have the ability to customize this list of rooms in the room setup. Additionally, any rooms that a teacher is assigned to will appear first in the listing, making it even more efficient.

5. Duration

Teachers need to specify the duration of the pass. These options are customized by administrators in the room setup. They do this by setting the maximum time they expect the student(s) to require for the pass.

By following these steps, teachers can effectively create and manage passes using SmartPass, enhancing the overall efficiency and convenience of the hall pass process.


Can you input multiple origin/destination rooms when creating a pass?

No. You can send a pass to multiple students, but the pass itself can only have one origin room and one destination room. If students have different origin/destination rooms, you will need to create multiple passes for each group of students.

Can I set the duration of the pass to be over the time limit?

No. The time limit cannot be overridden. Users can only adjust the duration to be shorter.

Can I attach a message on a pass for now?

No. Teachers are only able to add a message to scheduled passes (Declarable or not) or as a response when declining a pass request.
To learn more about scheduling passes, please view the following guide: Scheduling Passes Guide for Teachers

To learn more about pass requests, please view this guide: Pass Requests Guide for Teachers

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