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Teacher Intro to Passes
Teacher Intro to Passes

This article provides a basic introduction to passes and the teacher dashboard.

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The first tab on the Teacher View is the "Home" tab. Treat it like your "Pass Control Center". Here, you'll be able to:

  1. Create/Schedule Passes

  2. View Ended Passes

  3. Approve/Deny Pass Requests

  4. Switch to Kiosk Mode

What is a Pass?

A Pass is a digital version of the traditional paper hall pass or room block, authorizing a student to be outside a particular classroom while class is in session. Students need Passes for the time they are in the hallway, just like a physical hall pass.

SmartPass records the origin location, destination, student name, as well as the date and time for every pass. This begins to create a record of student movement for your school, which can be used to improve processes and identify troublemakers quickly.

Unlike a physical hall pass, a student does not need to carry their mobile device or laptop with them in the hallways. Teachers and Administrators can see a live view of which Students are in the hallways and can search from the list, so every Student is accounted for digitally.

Active Passes

Passes are considered currently active only when a student is still moving across campus. Once a student has reached their destination, they will end their pass, and it will no longer be considered active.

Navigating your "Home" tab

To view all active passes for your class, navigate to the "Home" tab at the top of your teacher view. For Admin, you may need to use the button that says "Teacher View" to switch into the perspective of a teacher. This view will provide you with 4 important tools to assist in classroom management:

  • Create/Schedule Passes:

    • Using the two buttons on the top right of your screen, teachers can easily create digital passes for students, granting them permission to be outside the classroom during a session. Students should always have a pass when out of class.

  • Approve/Deny Pass Requests:

    • Stay in the loop with pass requests relevant to you. The Passes tab is the go-to spot for managing and approving requests efficiently. Pass requests are found on the right hand side of your "Home" tab, which is found at the top of your screen.

  • Switch to Kiosk Mode:

    • If your school/classroom has chosen to utilize Kiosks, teachers can utilize the "3 dot" button next to their room name to switch into Kiosk Mode. From here, students will need to sign in before creating a pass.

  • View Ended Passes:

    • Teachers can also keep tabs on all of your prior passes. This is found at the from your teacher home page, below any active or upcoming passes.

Creating a Pass

Creating a Pass is pretty easy, but we have an entire walk through dedicated just to this! Click here to take a peek!

Ending a Pass

Once a student reaches his or her intended location, he or she must click the End Pass button. If a teacher notices that a student has returned to class, but not yet ended their pass they can end their pass for them. This will improve the accuracy of our pass record-book.

  • It is very important to stress to students that they should not end their pass until they have reached their intended location. Once the timer reaches its limit, it will begin counting into overtime. Students likely will not be penalized for returning to class 30 seconds late; however, this record-book can identify the students who are consistently staying out of class for 10-15 minutes past their allotted time. If you are seeing students ending passes early, you may consider requiring students to leave their device in class when using a pass.

  • Pass Buffer Time: If a Pass is not ended within a certain amount of time, the pass is automatically ended to avoid forgetful students from accidentally running up their missed instructional time. Administrators can set the pass buffer time in school settings by navigating to the "Rooms" tab, clicking "Options" and adjusting the assigned time under "Overtime Passes End After..." . The default Pass Buffer time is 15 minutes.

Scheduled Passes

A scheduled pass is a pass created for a future time. The Scheduled Passes section provides teachers an in depth view of their schedule for the day. For example, if a teacher has multiple students who need to leave early, they will know before hand which students are leaving, when, and why the student needs to leave class. This provides teachers with a schedule for their students' movement that day, and plan accordingly.

Learn more about scheduling passes here and managing requests here.

Ended Passes

Teachers can view the entire pass history of their classroom by navigating to the "Ended Passes" section of their "Home" tab. Many schools have had teachers review pass usage to identify students who are missing too much instructional time and require additional attention. You can adjust how many are displayed by clicking the settings icon next to Ended Passes.


Can passes have multiple destinations?

No. Passes can only have one origin room and one destination room. To go to a second destination, a second, new pass has to be created when arriving at the first destination.

How can I see a specific student’s pass history or scheduled passes?

The best way is by searching for the student and viewing their Snapshot Page, which contains all the information of a student in SmartPass. Please click the link below to learn more about the Student Snapshot Page: Student Search & Stats

What about restrictions and pass limits?

Teachers can override most restrictions and/or pass limits if needed. Some of these restrictions and pass limits include: Pass Approvals, Pass Limits, Wait in Line queues, etc.

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