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Teacher Intro to Passes
Teacher Intro to Passes

General SmartPass terminology

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The first tab on the Teacher View is the Passes tab. This is where teachers can Create Passes for students, see all hall passes that they themselves have created and sent, and view all Pass Requests relevant to them.

What is a Pass?

A Pass is a digital version of the traditional paper hall pass or room block, authorizing a student to be outside a particular classroom while class is in session. Students need Passes for the time they are in the hallway, just like a physical hall pass.

Unlike a physical hall pass, a student does not need to carry their mobile device or laptop with them in the hallways. Teachers and Administrators can see a live view of which Students are in the hallways and can search from the list, so every Student is accounted for digitally.

Active Passes

A currently live Pass, indicating the Student is in the hallway.

The Active Passes section shows only passes that a teacher created, Pass Requests that a teacher approved, or Pass Requests that a student accepted. Teachers can see a live countdown of how much time the students have to complete their trip.

If you would like to see the active Passes associated with your Room, go to the My Room tab. Or, if you have access, go to the Hall Monitor tab to see all active Passes in the school.

Once a student reaches his or her intended location, he or she must click the End Pass button. Teacher may also end the pass for the student by clicking the three dots and clicking "End Pass."

  • Students should not end a Pass until they have reached their intended location, even if the time has run out. Administrators and teachers should stress this to students, because the intention is to have an accurate account of which students are currently in the hallways.

  • Pass Buffer Time: If a Pass is not ended within a certain amount of time, the pass is automatically ended. Administrators can set the pass buffer time in school settings. The default Pass Buffer time is 15 minutes.

Scheduled Passes

A pass that is scheduled for a future time. The Scheduled Passes section also shows only passes that a Teacher created, Pass Requests that a Teacher approved, or Pass Requests that a Student accepted. Teachers can delete Scheduled Passes in this section.

Learn more about scheduling passes here and managing requests here.

Expired Passes

A Pass that shows when the Student was in the hallway. The Expired Passes section also shows only Passes that a Teacher created, Pass Requests that a teacher approved, or Pass Requests that a Student accepted.

🍂 Coming this Fall

  • Passes Won't Automatically Start: Passes that teachers send to students and scheduled passes won't automatically start. The student will have to acknowledge them and then start their pass. Sign up for Early Access

  • Edit End Pass Time: Teachers will be able to edit the time the pass ended to match the actual time students were out of class for improved data accuracy. Sign up for Early Access.

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