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Scheduling Passes Guide for Students
Scheduling Passes Guide for Students

How students can make future passes

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Hello, students! Today, we're going to learn all about using SmartPass to schedule passes for later in the day, or even later in the week.

It is important to always follow your classroom and school rules for scheduling passes.

How to Schedule A Pass

Step 1: Click Schedule Pass and Select the Date/Time

Click Schedule Pass

You can create a scheduled pass for any time in the future, but always consider what class you will be leaving from, and if you are permitted to actually leave from that class.

Click Next once you have your time and date set!

Step 2: Select Your Locations

First you will select the class you will be leaving from at that time. Followed by the location you are looking to go to.

Step 3: Add a Message!

If this pass requires approval you will want to type a message in so your teacher knows why you are looking for this pass. Remember to always be clear, and use proper grammar when requesting your passes!

Once your message is typed, hit Next.

Step 4: Adjust the Time, and Send the Pass Request.

You will want to consider how much time is needed for this pass, and adjust if the pass travel type if you are permitted to do so. Round trip means you are coming back on this pass, while One Way means you will be ending the pass upon arrival.

Once these adjustments are set, go ahead and hit send!


What are recurring passes and how do I know if I have one?

A recurring scheduled pass is a pass that will automatically recur at certain dates depending on the settings.

Recurring passes can recur daily or weekly and can only be scheduled by teachers. As a student, you can distinguish between regularly scheduled passes and recurring passes by looking for the following icon at the top-right corner of the pass.

If you hover over the icon, you can see more information about the recurring type.

Can I delete a scheduled pass?

Yes, students can delete passes that they have scheduled. However, by default, passes scheduled by teachers are non-declinable, meaning students cannot delete them.

Can I edit a scheduled pass?

No. In case you need to edit, you will have to delete the pass or ask the teacher to delete it and make a new one with the correct information.

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