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Every teacher has the ability to search and review data for any student enrolled in their school. This allows teachers to access important data on prior and upcoming passes, as well as metrics such as time spent out of class. This is a great tool for intervention conversations or parent/teacher conferences!

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How to Search For A Student

From your teacher homepage you will notice a search bar in the top left corner. By using this search bar you can look up any student you wish. In this example, we will try to find the student Ethan Example by simply typing his name and clicking on him.

Once you type and click on the student's name, this is what you will see. On the right at the top you will find a quick pass Overview, just below this, you will find Scheduled and Expired passes. Note that teachers can only look at the last 50 expired passes. Admins have access to the full picture of expired passes from their Explore Pass list. At the bottom are Reports that have been submitted for this student

On the left, you will find important student data including any restrictions this student may have such as Encounter Prevention and Pass Limits, both of which require Admin to set up.

You can also create a pass for the student from this page, or report the student if necessary.


Is there a limit to the number of expired passes I can see?

No. The Student Snapshot page will show all passes a student has ever created.

Do we have a way to limit teachers' access to the student snapshot page?

No. Currently, all teachers can access a student’s Snapshot page.

Is creating a pass from the student snapshot any different?

Yes. It will automatically select the student that you are viewing for you.

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