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Schedule Recurring Passes
Schedule Recurring Passes

How to schedule a recurring pass

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Teachers can create scheduled passes that automatically recur either daily or weekly for students or student groups. The process is by and large the same as a regular scheduled pass, except you will set it to repeat.

Creating A Scheduled Pass

From the teacher home screen, click on "Schedule" in the top right corner.

Next you will populate the pass with the appropriate information needed.

  1. Choose the date as well as the start and end time for the pass.

    1. Note: The pass duration cannot exceed the time limit set for the selected location. Usually this time is short, just enough to allow the student to get to the location. You will be prompted with a message if you select a duration that is too long after you add a room.

  2. Choose the Repeat schedule for the recurring pass. Daily recurrence is from Monday to Friday while weekly will happen each week on the selected day of the week.

  3. Toggle the pass to be declinable or not.

    1. Note: If a pass is non declinable you must enter the origin location. If you are unsure, or if you are creating this pass for multiple students you should make this pass declinable. Students will then enter their own origin room locations.

  4. Select the pass locations with "From Where"(if applicable) and "To Where"

  5. Under Select Students you can add one or more students, or select a pre-created student group.

  6. Lastly, if you want, you can add a message for the purpose of this pass.

  7. Hit schedule.

Where to See Scheduled Passes

Scheduled passes will show up in several places.

For a teacher you will see them under "Today's Schedule" on your home screen, as well as on your calendar. They only show on the calendar after the prior pass has been issued.

For a student, they will appear as a Scheduled Pass on their home screen the day of the pass, as well as on their calendar. Repeating passes only show on the calendar after the prior pass has ended.

Student Calendar View:

Deleting Recurring/Scheduled Passes

To delete a series of recurring passes, simply click on the pass in the calendar view and click the delete icon. This will delete the entire series of passes, currently there is no way to delete a single pass from the series.


Can I edit a scheduled recurring pass?

No. If you need to change anything in a scheduled recurring pass, you will need to delete it and schedule a new one.

How can know if a student already has a scheduled recurring pass?

As a teacher, you can check if a student has any recurring passes by checking their Snapshot page. Below is a link to more information about the Student Snapshot Page:

You can distinguish between regularly scheduled passes and recurring passes by looking for the recurring icon at the top-right corner of the pass.

If you hover over the icon, you can see more information about the recurring type.

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