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You know that feeling when you need to step out of class for something important? Well, SmartPass is here to make that super easy for you. With SmartPass, you can create passes for whatever you need, whether it's for now or later. Plus, you'll get notifications about these passes so you never miss a beat.

Here's the cool part: Instead of using paper, SmartPass lets you do all this on your Chromebook.

Video Walkthrough

***It is important that you check with your teachers on how your school is using SmartPass, as you always want to follow the directions and rules set up by your school.

Logging In

When you need to log in, you will head to and enter your credentials. If you are unsure, ask your teacher. If your school has not bookmarked this for you, now might be a good time to do this! Your school may also have you access SmartPass a different way, so make sure to ask!

Student Home

When you log in you will see your home screen. Across the top you will see your Home and Calendar tabs, as well as the buttons to create passes and schedule passes.

In the middle of your screen you will see your upcoming passes. These could be passes you asked for, or that a teacher or other adult in your school has written for you. Be sure to check here often!

If you need to adjust settings, you can find this in the top right of your page.

Creating Passes

Remember, it is important to always follow school rules when asking for, and making passes, so check with your teacher on the correct process to do this.

After you have secured permission to leave the room you may access your device and SmartPass.

Begin by clicking the green Create button in the top corner.

Next you will want to fill out the information for your pass by selecting where you are leaving from, where you are going to, and adjust the time.

Once your pass is ready hit Start Pass.

At this point you will want to follow class procedures on what to do next. Your teacher may want you to turn your device towards them, or even set it up on their desk. At this point you can quietly leave the room.

Upon return, quietly click "End Pass" and return to learning. It is that quick and easy!

To learn more about creating passes or scheduling passes, click on the appropriate links!

Managing Requests

On the right side of the center of your homepage are pass requests. These are passes that require you to take action. A teacher is asking you to go somewhere at a certain time.

By clicking the request you can learn more about this request and respond by accepting or denying the pass. You will need to put in your starting location to accept.

To learn more about pass requests, head over here!


In your calendar you will be able to take a look at your upcoming and previous passes to help you manage your day! On the left hand side you will see a breakdown of your passes for the day.


Here you can adjust your language, appearance, or even favorite rooms to make pass creation easier!


How do I log in to SmartPass?

Every school connects accounts with SmartPass in a different way. To find out how to log in to your account, reach out to a teacher or school administrator for more information.

How do I make a pass for now?

To create a pass for now, please follow the steps in this guide: Creating Passes Guide for Students

How do I schedule a pass?

To schedule a pass for later, please follow the steps in this guide: Scheduling Passes Guide for Students

What is a pass request?

Certain destinations might have a lock symbol, which means you'll need approval after you create the pass to make it an active pass:

Please follow the steps in this guide when you want to go somewhere in school but need permission from a teacher for a Pass: Pass Requests Guide for Students

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