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Creating Passes Guide for Students
Creating Passes Guide for Students

Making Passes for now

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Hey there, students! Today, lets learn how to use SmartPass to create passes at your school.

A few important things to remember:

-You may have pass limits at your school, check with a teacher.

-Some areas might require a teacher to approve a pass, if you are unsure ask.

-Always follow your teacher's and your school's rules when asking for, and using a pass.

Now lets, jump into it!

Creating A Pass As A Student

Step 1: Making a Pass for Now

First things first, you need to decide whether you want to make a pass for right now or schedule it for the future. Here we are going to focus on creating a pass to leave class right now. Start by clicking the green "Create Pass" button.

Step 2: Choosing the Room or Choosing the Date and time

If you selected “Create Pass” you need to select the room you're currently in. You can either search for all the available rooms in the school or choose from a list. To make things even quicker, you can add your favorite rooms in the settings.

Step 3: Picking Your Destination

Next, you'll choose the room you want to go to. Your school administrators set some rules for each room. Rooms without locks are unrestricted, meaning you can make a pass without needing digital teacher approval. But rooms with locks are restricted, and you'll need your teacher's approval. If you want to know more about managing pass requests, we've got the information for you.

Step 4: Sending Your Pass Request and Adding A Message

This only applies if the room is locked, and requires approve. If you're heading to a locked room, your pass request will be sent to the teacher. Sometimes you will be asked to pick from a list, other times the teacher may be pre-determined.

You can also attach a message to your pass request if the room requires an approve. This is your chance to explain to the teacher why you need to go somewhere. It's always a good idea to be polite and clear in your message.

Step 5: Travel Type & Duration and Starting Your Pass

Lastly, you'll select the travel type and duration for your pass. One way means you are going to this location and ending you pass, while round trip means you will be returning to the origin on the same pass.

When selecting a time consider how long it takes to get to this location and complete your task. You cannot give yourself more time than your school is has permitted.

Once you are done hit "Request Pass" if it needs approval, or "Start Pass" if the pass is ready to go! A restricted pass will not start until it is approved.

Remember, when your pass starts to quietly leave the room following your school procedures. This may require you to turn your device to the teacher, or set it on a table or desk up front.

Step 6: End your Pass

When you are all done with your pass, remember to click "End Pass".

And that's it! You've just learned how to use SmartPass to create passes! It's a handy tool to help you get where you need to go while keeping everything organized. Have a great day at school, and remember to use your passes responsibly!


What If I don’t know the name of the room or room number?

No worries, if you know the first and/or last name of the teacher in the room you can enter it on the search field to view all rooms associated with that teacher.

What if I need more time than the time limit for the pass?

Unfortunately, you are not able to go over the time limit. You can set the duration to less, but never over the limit.

I have no passes left for the day. Can I still make a pass?

Yes, but you will need to send the request to a teacher to approve the additional pass.

I can’t make a pass. I am getting an error “Sorry, you can’t start your pass right now. Please try again later”.

This means that some limit in your building has been hit. Please ask your teacher for a pass at a later time.

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