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Rooms Starter Pack

This article addresses the new rooms starter back when you first sign into your admin account.

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If you are reading this article it likely means you just got started with SmartPass, thank you for your purchase and welcome to the SmartPass community!

This article will cover what is included in your Starter Pack when you first start SmartPass, and what considerations to make when adjusting your room settings and adding to the starter pack. As you follow along, you may see links to other support articles to help you dive into that setting in more detail.

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What and Where is the Starter Pack?

When you head to your rooms dashboard, located on the left of your admin page, you will find we have given you the option to use a Starter Pack. This will help give you a jump start on building your school.

The rooms and basic configurations here are designed with best practices in mind, but it is important to note, you will want to configure this in a way that works for your school.

To add the Starter Pack to your school, simply click the + symbol. If you decide this is not for you, hit the X.

What is in the Starter Pack?

The Starter Pack of rooms consists of rooms and folders. The folders are indicated by the arrow next to the title, these folders will help you organize similar locations on your campus.

Restrooms and Water Fountains Folders

First up you will see your restrooms and water fountain folders. When you open the folders you will notice we have placed 2 locations in each folder. You will want to rename these to fit your building, and add any additional locations by using the "new room" button. Your end goal is to build each of your restroom and water fountain locations in these folders.

We have already configured a time limit, but please feel free to adjust for your needs. For restrooms, times of around 5-7 minutes are fairly common. For water fountains, 2-4 minutes is what we often see schools use.

The other item to adjust here is your max capacity. Adjust these to reflect the needs of your building.

Room Restrictions: We have adjusted these for ease of use, allowing students to generate and start their own pass without physical approval needed. If you need staff to approve restrooms and water fountains, or if you would like to learn more about room restrictions and how they work, head to this support article for more information.

Be sure to hit save when you finish any changes in rooms and folders.

Note: With locations like this, there is no need to add closest rooms or add teachers to the rooms.

Here you can see how to open, adjust and save your settings:

Nurse/Library/Main Office Rooms

The next 3 locations in your Starter Pack are all individual rooms.

When you open these rooms, feel free to adjust items such time limit, counts towards pass limit, room number, and even the room name, color, and icon.
As with any location at your school that is staffed, you will want to make sure you add your nurse to the nurse, librarian to the library, and any clerical staff working in the office to your main office. To do this you would click "+ add" under the "add teacher" section.

Room Restrictions: For the nurse and library, we have these turned off, but in many cases you may want to consider changing the nurse and maybe even library to either "All Teachers In The Room" "This Room" to ensure only the staff member in that location approves passes, and to prevent students from showing up with a pass unexpected. If you decide this is for you, do this for both now and future. You need to hit save after adding your teacher before you can configure this setting. To learn more about how room restrictions work, click here.
For your main office we also have set the room restrictions off, if you need students to have approval for students to head to the office, be sure to configure those settings as well.

As before, once you have adjusted your rooms be sure to hit the green save button!

Admins Folder

This folder is designed to organize your principals, assistant principals and deans. We started you off with a principal and assistant principal. You can add or delete as needed. It might also make sense for you to rename these to reflect your staff's names. For this starter pack we chose to not count admin passes towards pass limits. Be sure to adjust this if you would like to do so.

You will want to make sure you add your admin to their respective rooms by heading to the "add teacher" section. Be sure to hit save before adjusting any room restrictions

Room Restrictions: For admin, in most cases we suggest setting your admins to "All Teachers In The Room" "This Room" for both now and future to ensure admin are able to accept the student upon arrival. You need to hit save after adding them into the room your before you can configure this setting. To learn more about how room restrictions work, head here!

Be sure to hit save when you finish any changes in rooms and folders.

Attendance Folder

By opening the attendance folder you will see we have started you off with "Late Arrivals" and "Early Dismissal" passes. These will help office staff manage student movement, while providing more detail to the purpose of the student's travel when compared to writing a pass to/from the main office.

You don't need to add clerical staff here for them to manage the room, but it might make sense if you have someone dedicated to managing these passes that you add them to the room by following the same steps as above.
As needed feel free to change any settings, but for the most part this should be set to use! Note, that these rooms are set to not count towards pass limits, so be sure to adjust as needed.

As before, when done hit save when you finish any changes..

Student Services Folder

Here you will find your counselors, social workers, and even your student services secretary. We understand many schools have different personnel, and terminology usage here. As such, be sure to add or remove rooms/locations in this folder, and rename it as needed.

We have set these rooms to not count towards pass limits, so be sure to adjust as needed.

Room Restrictions: As with your admins, the same process and recommendation for room restrictions would apply, so in most cases we suggest changing these staff members to "All Teachers In The Room" "This Room" for both now and future. You may decide to leave your student services secretary unrestricted though.

Remember, you need to hit save after adding them into the room your before you can configure this setting. To learn more about how room restrictions work, head here!

Once you have this set up the way you'd like hit save, and you are good to go!

Classroom Folder

As you might suspect, this folder will contain all of your teachers. You can see we added one room in this folder as a template for you. Here you will build a room for each of your teachers.

Best practice is to add each teacher's room following the settings in the room we built. Usually schools name their classrooms based on the teachers name.

As you build your rooms be sure to add your teachers to each room following the steps above. You will want to add your room numbers, consider any closest rooms, and make any other small adjustments as needed.

Room Restrictions: For classrooms the same basic idea follows for adding teachers and room restrictions. Our recommendation for room restrictions in most cases is "Any Teacher" for now, and "All Teachers In The Room" "This Room" for the future. This ensures maximum security and flexibility for you staff. To learn more on room restrictions check out this article.

Tip: If you have a large campus, you can add multiple classroom folders and name them based on floor, hallway, department or even different buildings. You may even consider color coding these based on location.

If you are building a large number of rooms, you can checkout the bulk upload feature here.

As with all of the other rooms, be sure to save each room and folder as you move along.

Things to Consider:

1) This is just a starter pack, you will want to add other rooms such as your cafeteria, gym, etc. Learn how to add rooms here.

2) We have designed this with particular colors to help differentiate locations. As you continue to build, consider using colors to organize.

3) Staff have to be added into their rooms to properly adjust room restrictions.

4) When setting time limits always consider that it is best practice for students to end passes when they arrive, and create a new pass when returning, so most passes are not much longer than 10 minutes max unless you have a specific use case for this.


Do I have to use the Starter Pack?

No, but it likely will save you time. If there are items you do not need in the starter pack you can delete them easily, or adjust them to fit your building.

Where can I learn more about room settings?

Almost every setting has its own support article, including this Room Settings Overview article, use the "?" in the bottom right to look up more articles to help, or reach out to our support team.

How do I expand beyond these rooms to build the rest of my school?

Learn more about creating rooms and folders here!

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