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Room Restrictions

Adjust room restrictions to require approval to certain locations.

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What do Room Restrictions Do?

Room Restriction settings will allow you to have the level on control you need in your building to ensure student safety. You are able configure these restrictions so students can create certain passes with ease, such as a student being able to start their own bathroom pass. However, you can also customize it so that certain passes have approval before they start, such as the principal having to approve a pass to his/her office before the pass becomes active.

Important Things To Note:

1) Room restrictions are always focused on the room as a destination room. So if you are adjusting restrictions for Ms. Frizzle's room, those settings are from the perspective of a student requesting a pass to go to Ms. Frizzle's room.

2) Pass approvals behave differently on kiosks and for teacher written passes. The settings explained in this article are based on students generating the request on their 1 to 1 devices. Teacher written passes will always bypass any restrictions, and if room restrictions are set, a kiosk will always send those approvals to the origin room teacher.

Where to Find Room Restrictions

Room Restrictions are adjusted from within the Rooms dashboard by clicking into the individual room. Remember that you are editing a room's restrictions from the point of view of the room being the student's destination.

What options are there for Room Restrictions?

Toggled Off

This means students can create and start their pass without need for an approval from a teacher. This is a recommended setting for restrooms and water fountains.

Toggled On

This means students must have their pass approved before it starts based on the following selections. We recommend configuring these to work best for your offices and classrooms.

Any Teacher- This presents the student with a list of teachers in the origin and destination room to send the pass to, but using the search bar students can look up any staff member they might need.

Any Teachers In Room- This presents the student with a list of teachers to send the pass to based on the selection: "This Room" "Origin Room" or "Both" - please note that "both" does not require both to approve, it sends the approval to both, and only 1 needs to approve.

All Teachers in Room- This sends the pass to all teachers added to the room based on the selection: "This Room" "Origin Room" or "Both" - please note that "both" does not require both to approve, it sends the approval to both, and only 1 needs to approve.

Certain Teacher: This option allows you to send pass requests to a certain teacher without having to assign them to the origin or destination rooms.

The same restriction options are available to be set for both "Now" and "Future". Future is a schedule pass, while now is exactly as it sounds, a student creating a pass at this moment to leave immediately.

What Do Schools Usually Set?

For Restrooms, Water Fountains, Lockers and other neutral locations

In general, most schools set Restriction for Now as toggled off. This allows for an ease of use within the classroom by allowing staff to simply give a verbal approval for a student to begin the pass process. With this setting a student can create and start a pass on their own. You may wish to toggle Restriction for Future on to prevent students from scheduling a bathroom pass, as scheduled passes are excluded from pass limits.

If you toggle Restriction for Now to on, then teachers would have to also physically approve the pass via a PIN on a student device, or by clicking to approve on their own device. This might be needed in some school settings, or if you find students are continuing to abuse passes. If choosing to toggle restrictions on for Now, be sure to also toggle Future on as well.

For Classrooms

On any given school day there are a variety of reasons students may go from one class to another. Having the proper settings for restrictions can account for all of these.

For Restriction for Now a best practice is to toggle this on for Any Teacher. This would prevent a student from creating a “fake” pass to class after a late bell and ensure students are not just "showing up" to a teacher's room. By selecting Any Teacher as the setting, this would give staff flexibility in who to have the student send the approval to, the origin or the destination room teacher.

For example the origin teacher may want to approve the pass themselves in the case of sending a student to get a notebook they left in class, while other times they may have the student send the approval to the destination room teacher to ensure that teacher actually wants/needs to see the student before releasing them.

For Restrictions for Future the best practice in most settings is to set this to All Teachers In Room - This Room to ensure when a student is scheduling a pass, that approvals are sent to the teacher the student wants to see, aka the destination room teacher. Think of this as the student requesting an appointment, with the teacher able to approve or deny that time/date. Passes will not start unless the teacher has approved the pass. Staff members also will receive notifications of these requests per the settings they have configured.

Note: Please be sure you have your teachers added and saved to the room before playing with restrictions.

For Admin/Guidance/Nurse and staff who meet students 1 on 1

For staff who meet with students 1 on 1 and/or are often out of their office or in meetings, a preferred setting here is to configure both Now and Future for All Teachers In Room - This Room.

This will allow passes to function like setting an appointment. No student can start a pass, whether now or scheduled, without approval of the person they wish to see.

This will prevent students from walking down to an office to find the staff member unavailable to meet, keeping them in class and learning until their pass is approved. As you receive the pass requests you are given the option to approve, deny or deny with a message. Staff members also will receive notifications of these requests per the settings they have configured.


Am I able to make different restrictions to a room based on which students are sending the pass request? Such as student A can start a pass themselves, but student B needs approval?

No, we currently do not have this ability. You can make a different room with different pass restrictions for that student. Use the room visibility to hide and show rooms to make this work for your use case.

Is there any way to make Kiosks send approvals to staff other than the origin room teacher?

No, any room with approvals defaults to origin room teacher when using a kiosk

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