By default, a room is visible to all students. But with just a few clicks, you can set that room to only show for certain students, or hide it from certain students.

This is great for rooms like the bathroom, where you want to set certain bathrooms to only show up for certain grade levels โ€” or if you have a provision in an IEP or 504 Plan to "walk," only those students can have access to a "Walk" pass.

How to set it up

On the administrator view, go to the Rooms tab and create a new room, or select an existing room. Then, scroll down to the section that says Visibility.

All rooms by default are visible to all students, but you can change the room to be shown to all students except a few, or hidden to all students except a few.

Select your option, search for the student(s) you want to hide or show from that room, and press Save. Now, when those students go to create a pass, they will only the rooms that you want them to see!

Frequently asked questions

Can teachers create a pass to or from a room that is hidden from a student?

When a teacher creates a pass for a student, they will see the list of all possible rooms. However, if they select a room that the student has hidden, they will get a warning message that the room is hidden from the student.

The teacher has the option to override this warning.

Does room visibility work in Kiosk mode?


Can I hide/show the rooms for certain grade levels, or upload a spreadsheet?

Yes, you can do that. Once you click on the search bar the BY GRADE option will show up so you can upload a spreadsheet.

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