Creating a Room

How to create a room and a folder of rooms

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To create a new student location on campus, you’ll first need to toggle to the rooms dashboard displayed on the left side of your Admin screen.

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Rooms vs Folders

Once on the rooms tab, you’ll need to decide whether you are creating a new room or a new folder. Rooms are created for individual student locations, such as a nurse’s office, whereas folders are used to create groups of student locations. For example, a folder would be used to hold all of the restrooms on your campus. Once you've decided, follow the steps below:

Creating New Rooms

To create a new Room, click the + Add button, and choose “New Room” from the drop down. Administrators must enter each of the required Room Settings and Appearance Settings, and then click Publish. For more information on the individual Room Options, click here. Additionally, hovering over the ? will give a short description of the field.

If an item is not filled out properly, it will be highlighted red and alert you to the issue.

Creating New Folders

To create a new Folder, click the + Add button, and select the "New Folder" option from the drop-down.

Once the folder has been created, you’ll need to give it a name and personalize the folder by assigning a color and icon using the fields on the right. In order to add individual classrooms to the Classroom folder you see below, you’ll click on the “+ New Room” button on the bottom half of your screen. From there, each individual classroom can be added by following the steps to create a “Room”. This process can be duplicated until every classroom on your campus has a digital copy located in your classroom's folder. Administrators must enter each of the required Appearance Settings and add at least one Room, and then click Publish. To see the various ways to add Rooms to a Folder, click here.

Rearranging Rooms and Folders

Rooms and Folders may be rearranged to allow for quicker Pass creation. For instance, many Administrators choose to put the Bathroom and Water Fountain as the first two Rooms since these are the most frequent room destinations. This organization can be achieved by simply dragging and dropping the Rooms and Folders in the arrangement desired. This arrangement will be in the same order for all Students and Teachers as it is for you, so make sure to take a minute and consider how they will be interacting with SmartPass.


Does it matter if I repeat colors and icons?

It does not but consider using these settings to organize your school. Color coding locations helps staff identify a pass quickly.

When do I want a folder vs a room?

Rooms are great for more "stand alone" places such as a gym, or nurse. Folders are great for organizing multiple similar locations such as bathrooms, classrooms, and water fountains.

Can I add existing rooms into a folder?

Yes, open the folder and click "Add Existing". Note, that you cannot remove a room from a folder without deleting it.

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