Closest Rooms

Suggest a closest room for students based on the current location.

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When creating a new room within SmartPass, schools are given the option to utilize the “Closest Rooms” feature. Applicable only to classrooms, admin are able to designate the nearest student locations on campus.

For example, you can see below that Mr. Bash's room is set up to show students the nearest restroom & water fountain on campus. This feature allows for quicker pass creation and allows teachers to further direct student movement.

Video Walkthrough

How To Set Up Closest Rooms

First, you will want to head to the room you want to add the closest room to. Scroll down and locate the “closest rooms” feature, click + Add and search using the drop-down for the specific location you wish to list for your students. Make sure to click “Save” when you have finished assigning “Closest Rooms”. Teachers are able to list as many rooms as needed to direct students to their appropriate location.

When a student goes to create a pass, the rooms you assigned will be placed at the top of their list. If that student needs to visit an alternative student location, such as the nurse, they are able to scroll down to see every student centre on campus. Consider which student locations will receive the highest foot traffic, and select those locations under the “Closest Rooms” feature to improve pass creation time and direct student movement.

Note: It is important to remember, rooms you are adding as closest rooms must be located in folders. For example, if you wish to add restrooms as closest rooms, you must have your restrooms organized into a folder to do so.


Are closest rooms suggested when the room is the origin or destination of a pass?

Closest rooms are suggested when the room is the origin of the pass.

Can I set a single room as a Closest Room?
No. Only rooms inside a folder can be set as Closest Room options.

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