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Adding Rooms to Folders
Adding Rooms to Folders

How to add and import Rooms to a Folder

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Just a reminder, rooms are used to create individual student locations, whereas folders are used to group these student locations. Therefore, in order to make a Folder, it must contain Room(s). SmartPass has several ways to do this to ensure the process can be done as efficiently as possible. ​

Video Walkthrough

Note: Once added to a folder, a room cannot be made independent of that folder without deleting and remaking this room.

New Rooms Within a Folder

Once you create, name, and customize your folder, your next step will be adding individual rooms. To add a room to a folder manually, select + New Room, as shown above. Because this Room is in a Folder, the Appearance Settings are not available. For more information on the Room Options available, look here.

Importing Rooms Within a Folder

For faster Folder/Room generation, you can utilize the “Import Rooms” feature. This allows you to create multiple rooms at once using a spreadsheet.

To do so, create a list consisting of the Room Name, Room Number, and Teachers in Room from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV. Please download the template provided on the Importing Rooms page labeled "Download Template".

After creating and uploading the document, all of the Rooms will be parsed and added to the Folder. If there are any problems with the file, the form will indicate which sections of the file did not load properly.

Add Existing Rooms to a Folder

If you’re interested in further grouping student locations within SmartPass, a Folder can be created from existing Rooms that were not previously in a Folder. By selecting the Add Existing button, a list of Rooms that are not already in Folders will be presented. Simply click the desired Rooms and then Add. Please note that all Appearance Settings of that Room will be lost.

New Folder with Selection

Use “Add Existing” when you need to add a particular room to a folder; however, you can also create a new folder out of existing rooms if you do not have one already.

To create a folder out of existing rooms, first, click on the Edit button in the header, this will allow the Rooms to be clicked to select them.

Once the desired Rooms are selected click the green Bulk Edit Rooms button followed by the "New Folder with Selection" option from the drop-down.

From there, The Folder should be created as normal. For more information on creating Folders, look here.


When adding an existing room to a folder will all the settings stay the same?

The Show as Origin Room and Counts Towards Pass Limits toggles will now reflect the folder's setting. The icon and color of the room will also reflect the ones set for the folder. All other settings will remain in place.

I have added a room to a folder, but want to remove it. How can I do that?

You cannot remove a room from a folder. You would have to delete it and make the room again.

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