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Tardy Passes

How to set-up SmartPass to replace paper tardy passes

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Replace your paper passes for tardies and late arrivals using SmartPass.

Video Walkthrough

Why Make A Tardy Pass in SmartPass?

Having a Tardy Pass in SmartPass would allow teachers, or anyone viewing hall monitor to have an immediate reference to the student's place of origin and the fact that they are just showing up to school. Adding a Tardy Pass also allows you to have a filterable data point to use for conferences and interventions to show how often a student showed up late to school or class.

How Do I Make A Tardy Pass Room?

To build this we will need to create a new room. You have 2 options: the first is to make it a standalone room and the second is to make it a room within a folder (We recommend your main office be a folder, and you place this room in that folder). If you need a refresher on how to do so, please the how to link for Creating a Room.

For the purposes of these instructions we will start from the "New Room" page of a Folder.

1) First you will want to decide what to title it, this might be Tardy Pass, Attendance, Excused/Unexcused Tardy, or whatever terminology your building might use.

2) You need to add a room number, which if your attendance office/main office does not have one, use an abbreviation.

3) Next you will want to toggle it to be "One Way"

4) Next add a time limit

5) Being that students won't be using this as a destination you likely do not need to use any restrictions or max capacity settings. In this case we are adding no restrictions, so there is no need to scroll down to those settings.

Pulling Tardy Data

Now if you want to filter out who had been written a Tardy Pass you can do so using the Explore tab to do a Pass Search and look this room up by origin. You can also click to export this data.

Early Dismissal Pass

Follow these same steps to create an Early Dismissal pass. This will allow the same sort of visibility of movement and data as the Tardy Pass!


How do I make the Tardy Pass process even easier for my office staff?

Consider setting up a kiosk in your office for students to make their own pass to class.

Can I have more than one type of Tardy Pass?

Absolutely. If you find breaking this down can provide more data and clarity on your campus, you can do this. One such example is creating a Tardy Excused and a Tardy Unexcused.

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