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Granting Substitute Teachers Access to SmartPass
Granting Substitute Teachers Access to SmartPass

This article will cover a few options for giving subs access to SmartPass.

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Why Might A Sub Need SmartPass Access?

Substitute teachers might need access into SmartPass for a variety of reasons including writing passes for students without a device, or even approving passes depending upon your room restrictions.

Not all schools permit substitutes to have computer access, but if your substitutes are permitted computer privileges in your building there are a few options to grant them access in SmartPass.

Option 1: Dedicated Kiosk Credentials

This option is a great choice because from kiosk mode the substitute cannot access any of the student's data, keeping student information safe and secure.

This option is also helpful as it requires no detailed training for substitutes to manage. It allows them access the bare basics of what is needed to create a pass for a student in their assigned duty room that day.

If a pass requires a teacher's approval, the sub will not have the ability to approve this pass unless you also include the teacher's PIN to do so.

Top Tip: Have each teacher put that dedicated login for their kiosk in their sub plans!

Head on over to our kiosk article to learn more about kiosks.

Option 2: Standard Teacher Account

By creating a standard account, your subs will have access just as a regular teacher does. They will have the ability to write passes for any student in the building.

Please note: there may be instances were a sub does not have the permissions needed to approve a pass created by a student if your room restrictions require that teacher's approval. If this occurs, that sub can instead create the pass on their teacher account, allowing the pass to start.

This option is likely the easiest route if you decide you are comfortable giving substitutes full access to SmartPass.

If you need help creating a standard account head here for support.

Option 3: Neutral Standard Account as an Assistant

In the event you want the sub to have access to act on behalf of a specific teacher, including granting access to approve passes on their behalf, and access their calendar, you would want to make the account as an Assistant. Just be sure to add them to act on behalf of the teacher in question. If this step is not completed they cannot log into SmartPass.

You can use this method for day-to-day subs, but this would require you to change the teacher they are acting on behalf of each day. Doing this for a long-term sub filling in for a teacher is easy, as the teacher they are acting on behalf on would not change each day.

Learn more about assistants here.

Long Term vs Day to Day Subs

Long-term or permanent building subs

For long-term or building subs that have a school email, it might make most sense to create them their own account using a school provided email address. For a long-term sub filling in for a teacher you can either add them into the room, or create the account as an assistant acting on behalf of the teacher.

Day to day subs

If your day-to-day subs have computer access either the kiosk method, or standard account method would work - It all depends on the level of access to information you are comfortable with your substitute teaching staff having at their finger tips.

For those subs who have computer access but might not have an email, you could create generic accounts such as Substitute 1, Substitute 2, as no email is required to create a standard account.


Can I make a sub a teacher and an assistant?

No, You must pick one or the other. If adding a sub as an assistant be sure to add the teacher they are acting on behalf of.

My sub cannot log in, what do I do?

If you made them as an assistant, be sure they have a teacher they are acting on behalf of, or they won't be able to log in. Another thing to try is resetting the password from the accounts page. If this still does not work, please reach out to our Live Chat Support.

My school does not allow subs to log onto a computer, how do we handle that?

One possible suggestion is to make sure the rooms have kiosks set up in them. You can also rely on the students to make their own passes as well.

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