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Adding Standard Accounts
Adding Standard Accounts

How to add or remove standard accounts

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Video Walkthrough

Adding Accounts

Manually adding individual accounts is quick and easy:

  1. On the Accounts Tab, hit the green Add button on the top.

  2. Select create a new Standard Account.

  3. Enter the Credentials you would like the user to use to log in, it can be an email or a username. We recommend you use a school email so that notifications can be sent via email if desired. It is suggested you make the password something simple, and allow the staff or student to reset the password after they log in.

  4. Add the role they will have and hit save. Note: Admin must also have Teacher as a role to be able to write passes.

Important: If you are adding a Standard Account as an Assistant for a Substitute teacher, it's imperative to add the teacher they will be acting on behalf of, otherwise, the substitute teacher will not be able to log into SmartPass

‍Deleting, Disabling and Suspending Accounts

Deleting an Account

This will permanently erase all data. Only use this if you never want the user to be able to sign in again.

Suspending an Account

This will prevent a student from signing in, and also prevent any staff member from looking the student up or writing them a pass. Use this if you want to prevent a student from having passes written from staff as well and prevent the student from making passes for themselves.

Disabling an Account

This will prevent a student from being able to access their SmartPass, but will still allow for a staff member to look the student up and write them a pass.

  1. On the Accounts page, click on the type of account you want to search and delete (Students, Teachers, Admins, Assistants)

  2. Search for the account you are looking for in the list and click on it.

  3. The profile window will pop up and under the Profile picture circle you will see a green Active button that can deploy a menu if you click on it.

  4. Click whichever action you would like to take.

NOTE: If you need to add standard accounts in bulk, please reach out to our chat support.


Why is it telling me this username is taken if I cannot find it in my accounts?

There is an error that has occurred with your sync. Please reach out and we can fix this account for you!

Would an account ever need 2 different roles?

There is only 1 time where you can add 2 roles. You can have the teacher and admin roles together. Every other combination of roles will cause errors with the account.

Can I add more than 1 account at a time?

If you need to add multiple accounts, please reach out to support with a spreadsheet of names and emails for these accounts.

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