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How to manage Kiosk mode from the my room tab
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Kiosk Mode enables schools that do not issue a device for every student to utilize SmartPass. By placing a Chromebook, iPad, or any web-enabled device in the corner of a room, Students can use the kiosk to select their destination and maintain a digital history of when they left the classroom. Teachers are still able to issue Passes to students and hall monitors can verify that Students in the hall are traveling with a pass.

How to enter Kiosk Mode

  1. First, make sure your Teacher account has a room assigned to it and that you can see the "My Room" Tab. If you do not have this tab, it means there is no room assigned to you and you need to contact your administrator.

  2. If you have multiple rooms assigned to your account, select the All Rooms drop-down and click on the Room that the kiosk is going to be placed in.

3. Click the Blue Kiosk Mode button and a pop-up will appear where you can view the Dedicated Login and the button to proceed. Click on that button to enter Kiosk Mode.

Dedicated Login

You can also enter Kiosk Mode using a dedicated username and password. When entering Kiosk mode from your teacher account, you will find the Dedicated Login information that you can enter on the device where you would like to set up the kiosk.

You simply need to copy those details, go to on the device, and enter the dedicated login.

You can also reset the password by clicking the Refresh icon in the password text field.

For admins: If you need a list of all the dedicated logins for all the rooms in case you need to set up the kiosks, please contact us at [email protected].

Kiosk Mode Options

Once you've entered Kiosk Mode or logged in using the Dedicated Login for the kiosk, you will be prompted with three options that you can choose based on how you prefer to set up the kiosk:

  • Type in the name - allows students to search for their own name to create a pass.

  • Type in ID number - allows students to search for their name using their ID number and create a pass. Here's how to set up ID numbers.

  • ID Scanning - allows students to scan their ID to create a pass. Students can also end an active pass by scanning their ID. Here's how to set up ID numbers.

    NOTE: You must have a compatible third-party scanner attached to the kiosk device. The scanner will work when plugged into a computer and can be set to emulate a keyboard. Almost all barcode scanners have this setting option.

    Here are a few example scanners:

How to exit Kiosk Mode

Once Kiosk Mode is entered, a Teacher will need to open the settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right and clicking "Exit Kiosk Mode & Sign out." This will require the teacher to sign back in again. Once signed back in, SmartPass will return to the normal Teacher view.

Frequently asked questions

How do I prevent students from opening a new tab on a Chromebook when Kiosk Mode is being used and accessing another website?

Configure a device/user policy that only allows access to certain domains by following these steps:

  1. Set the URL blacklist entry to "*" to block all websites

  2. Create a blacklist exception and add and ""

  3. See this link for more information on how to access the blacklist and blacklist exception settings:

  4. Students can no longer access another website on the kiosk Chromebook.

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