Adding Assistants

In this article we cover how to add assistants accounts. This is a great option for your substitute teachers.

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Adding Assistants is done in the same basic manner as adding standard accounts. The best use case for assistants is a substitute teacher. Each day they can be placed to "Active On Behalf Of" of the teacher they are covering. When the Active on Behalf Of" teacher is removed they will not be able to log into SmartPass. This is something that would need to be done at the start of the sub's day (to add the teacher they are covering), and again at the end of the day (to remove the teacher.)

Video Walkthrough

Please Note: If you are using assistants for permanent staff they still must have an Active On Behalf Of to be able to sign in. It is generally best practice to add your teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, etc as Teachers, not Assistants.

Adding Assistant Accounts

Manually adding individual Assistant accounts is simple:

1. On the Accounts Tab, select Assistants and hit the green Add button on the top.

2. Select create a new Standard Account.

3. Enter the Credentials and information you would like the user to use to log in, it can be an email or a username. We recommend you use a school email so that notifications can be sent via email if desired. It is suggested you make the password something simple, and allow the staff or student to reset the password after they log in.

4. Add the Teacher they are "Active on Behalf Of".

5. Hit Add

Please Note: it's imperative to add the teacher they will be acting on behalf of, otherwise, the substitute teacher will not be able to log into SmartPass. For subs this is usually changed daily as their assignment changes.


Should I add my paraprofessionals in as assistants?

You could, but usually we suggest making them a standard teacher account instead.

Are assistants a good option for substitute teachers?

This is one possible option, although there may be better choices for your school. Check out our article on adding subs here.

My staff that are assistants cannot log in, why?

Assistants must have a teacher added that they are acting on behalf of or else they cannot sign in.

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