Assistants Overview

An overview of how to manage SmartPass as an Assistant

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An Assistant acts on behalf of a certain Teacher when they sign in. They can manage Passes in his/her room and create Passes as that Teacher. To add assistants head to the Accounts tab on the left of your Admin page, and click Assistants

In this example, Mr. Corrado is the Assistant, and he can act on behalf of the Teacher, Mr. Buff. By creating a new standard account or by changing a role as highlighted below, you can create an assistant. You then can add the teacher you wish for them to Act On Behalf Of.

Teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, secretaries, and substitute teachers are examples of positions that could potentially have an Assistant profile.

Important: If an assistant has no teachers assigned to him that he can act on behalf of, he or she will not be able to log into SmartPass.

The Assistant view is identical to the Teacher view since the Assistant will act directly as the certain Teacher(s). All they have to do is log in. At the top it will show who they are acting on behalf of, and if needed select the proper Teacher.

To the Student, there is no indication that the Assistant performed a certain action and not the actual Teacher.


Can Assistant accounts have a secondary role, like teachers/admins?

No. Assistant accounts can only have the Assistant role. If you add a second role, the user might experience issues logging into SmartPass.

How many teachers can I add for the Assistant account to act on behalf of?

There is no limit to the number of teachers that an assistant can act on behalf of.

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