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A brief overview of the Admin Hall Monitor page

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In addition to your teacher’s “Home” page, you’re able to navigate to the second tab on the top of your screen, named “Hall Monitor”. This is where administrators can see all currently Active Passes in the school and report students who are not spending their out-of-class-time productively.

Viewing Active Passes

Since administrators are able to view a list of all Active Passes in this view, you’ll be able to identify troublemakers quickly. For example, if a faculty member sees a few students moving through the halls, they can quickly check the “Hall Monitor Tab” to ensure that students are exactly where they are supposed to be located.

Each Pass shows a timer countdown of the time remaining on the Pass, which Student the Pass is for, and the Student's destination.

If an Admin wants more information on a Pass, simply click on the tile and it will expand to show you all of its information.


If an Administrator is looking for a specific student’s Pass, the search bar at the top can be used to quickly search for Passes by Student or Destination name.


Admins can also sort the list of Active Passes. You’re able to sort using the following categories:

  • Pass Expiration Time (Default)

  • Student Name

  • Destination (To Location)

Video Walkthrough


What does the Export button do?

When pressed, the Export button will instantly take a snapshot of the list of active passes.

Can I end a pass from the Hall Monitor view?

Yes, you can end the pass by either hovering over the bar with the time count-down, until you see “End Pass”, or by clicking on the pass and then clicking the big “End Pass” button.

There are no student pictures in our Hall Monitor view. Is there a way to add them to the system?

Yes. Please view the steps in the following link to learn how to add profile pictures to your students in SmartPass: Profile Pictures Integration

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