Reporting Students

How to deal with Students who need to be reported in the halls

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Teachers can click the Report button and attach a message to notify administrators that a student misbehaved, was in the wrong place when on an Active Pass, or even report a student found in the hall without an Active Pass. This is a great way to track data to supplement your school's existing policies and capture this information in an actionable way.

There are two main ways to report a student. The first, and likely most common, is from the Hall Monitor view. From the Hall Monitor on your Teacher login, you start by clicking on the pass/student in question.

Next you click the Report symbol.

Lastly you attach a report to a student's Active Pass by adding any notes, and hitting submit. By making a report you are sending that information to the Admin for the school.

If a student is found in the hall without an Active Pass you can report this student by clicking the Report symbol and searching up the student's name.

A Student can also be reported within the Student Report page by clicking the same Report symbol.

In addition to reporting from the hall monitor view, you can also report a student from the Student Snapshot page as well.


Can I report multiple students at the same time?

Yes. You can report multiple students by using the Report a Student button in the Hall Monitor view. Click the search bar and search/add all students that you wish to report.

Individual reports will be created for each student.

Is there a limit on the number of reports I can submit by day?

No. There are no limits on the amount of reports that you can submit.

Can teachers view Report Submissions?

Yes. Teachers can view the reports for specific students by looking at their Snapshot Page. Here is more information about this feature:

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