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Profile Pictures Integration
Profile Pictures Integration

How to add profile pictures to SmartPass

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How to add profile pictures to SmartPass.

Incorporating profile pictures into SmartPass maximizes the system's benefits. With student pictures displayed on hall passes, teachers and admins can easily identify individuals with hall passes in the hallway.

Follow these steps to add profile pictures to the system.​

Uploading pictures is simple; obtain the images from your photography vendor and upload them along with a mapping file.

To Configure Profile Photos in SmartPass

1. Get the Picture Files Ready

Several photography or yearbook vendors (e.g., LifeTouch) provide methods to download all student profile pictures. If access isn't available, coordinate with your yearbook advisor or picture day organizer to obtain the files. You can also directly liaise with your photography vendor for assistance in downloading your pictures.

If your pictures are downloaded as a zip file, unzip them so that all profile pictures are contained within a single folder. SmartPass accepts picture file types such as .jpeg and .jpg.

Once you've gathered all the photos in a single open folder, organize them into groups containing approximately 400 image files or fewer.

2. Create the Mapping File

Several photography or yearbook vendors offer an image mapping file along with the image download. If yours provides one, use this file as the foundation for your SmartPass Mapping file.

Create a CSV spreadsheet without headers, featuring a student's email or school identifier in the first column and the corresponding image filename in the second column.


  • Filenames are case-sensitive and must include the file type.

  • When using an email address, ensure that the email address is correctly formatted.

  • Please be aware that only schools utilizing our Clever integration can utilize a school identifier such as an SIS/student number to map profile pictures. All other integration types require entering the student's email in the first column.

  • If you're uploading images in groups of 400 or fewer, you can reuse the same mapping file for all your images. No need to create multiple mapping files.

3. Upload the Pictures

To begin uploading profile pictures, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Profile Pictures Integration page.

  1. Sign in using your administrator account.

  2. Click on "Accounts."

  3. Select "Integrations" located at the top left corner.

  4. Scroll down to locate the Profile Pictures integration.

  5. Click on "Settings" to proceed and perform a new upload.

Once you've accessed the Profile Pictures integration menu, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Choose CSV" and select the mapping file you created in Step 2.

  2. Click on "Choose files" and navigate to the folder where your picture files are saved. Select all files (up to 400 at a time) by pressing Ctrl+A on Windows or CMD+A on Mac, then confirm the dialogue window.

(It's beneficial to have your image files organized in groups of 400 or fewer. Select each group and upload them using the same mapping file).

3. Once both steps are completed, the "Upload" button will become available. Click it to upload the pictures.

The picture upload and processing may take a few minutes. You can close the window while SmartPass is processing the pictures, which may take up to 10 minutes, depending on your connection speed.

You can also process multiple uploads consecutively, allowing you to upload all groups of photos as needed.

4. Enable the Photos!

Upon successful upload of your pictures, you'll notice an "Enable" button displayed on the profile picture integration page.

To make the pictures visible to your teachers, simply click on "Enable".

If you wish to disable profile pictures, click on the three dots located on the top right corner, and then select "Disable profile pictures".

Finding Users with Missing Photos

After uploading all the pictures, the system will display a small alert indicating that certain users from your school did not have any pictures to match.

If you would like to look through the users who do not have active photos:

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of the alert

  2. Open the CSV file that downloads to your device

  3. Filter through the report of missing photos.

Note: All users without photos will be in this list if you have also mapped staff.

Adding/Updating/Deleting Pictures for Individual Students

You can always add, update, or delete pictures for individual students rather than just working in bulk.

To Edit Individual Student's Photos

  1. Go to the Accounts tab.

  2. Click on the student's name and information to access their account details page.

  3. Hover over the profile picture area to reveal options for updating, deleting, or adding a new picture.

  4. Choose the desired option to interact with the individual photo.

Updating Pictures for Multiple Students

You can update the profile pictures for multiple students by clicking the New Upload button and repeating the above steps at any time.

- If you supply a picture for a student who already has a profile picture, the student's profile picture will be updated with the latest file.

Adding Personal Profile Photos as a Teacher

It's easy for teachers to add and edit their profile photos too!

To Add/Edit Your Teacher Photo:

  1. Go to the Accounts tab.

  2. Click on the teacher's name and information to access their account details page.

  3. Hover over the profile picture area to reveal options for updating, deleting, or adding a new picture.

  4. Choose the desired option to interact with the individual photo.

You're all set! You'll just want to make sure everything saves so don't close the window too quickly.


How do I disable/enable profile pictures for my school?

To enable profile pictures, you want to log in as an admin, go to Accounts, Integrations, and click “Enable”.

To disable, click the button with three dots, “Disable profile pictures” instead.

Why I am not seeing profile pictures on my iPad/iPhone?

For iOS devices, please check the following:

1) Make sure profile pictures are enabled in SmartPass.

2) In the iOS app, Go to Settings, Appearance, and “Show Profile Pictures” (By default this setting should be on).

Are there any size requirements for profile pictures?

There is no requirement, however, for faster loading speeds, we recommend using lower-quality photos (20Kb to 200KB).

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