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No Fly Time

In just a few clicks, you can set time ranges where students are not allowed to create passes.

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No Fly Time allows you to set times of the day when passes cannot be written. This could be the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of the day, or even each class period.

Video Walkthrough

Setting Your No Fly Time(s)

To access No Fly Time, navigate to the ‘Rooms’ tab, and click on 'Options' button. From there, you will be able to toggle 'No Fly Time' on and off.

  1. When No Fly Time is toggled on, a time range will be added, and just below the time range you’ll see the ‘+ Add Time Range’ button.

  2. Once you click the ‘+Add Time Range’ button you will see another No Fly Time range. From here you can modify that time range by typing in a time, using the up or down arrow keys, or hovering over, and clicking the up or down arrow buttons.

    1. Keep in mind that no time range can overlap with another.

  3. Once you have added time ranges make sure you select the green save button at the top right to save your no-fly times.

Once you have added time ranges that prevent students from creating passes, teachers and students will see this reflected on their home screens.

What does a Teacher see?

No Fly Time will not impact the staff's ability to create passes. When a No Fly Time is active, the home page will display an orange bubble with an airplane icon next to today's date. This will display the next time that passes will be able to be created again.

When a No Fly Time is active the + Create Pass option will also have an orange bubble at the bottom of the Select Students section to remind you what time you can next create passes.

Hovering over either of these orange bubbles will display all of No Fly Times that have been set by the Admin.

What does a Student see?

Students will have the same orange bubble on their homepage displaying information on when passes can be created next.

The difference between the teacher and student is that the student will be unable to create passes when No Fly Time is active. They will still be able to schedule passes for the future as well as accept pass requests from teachers.

Another thing that students will notice is that the ‘+ Create Pass’ will be disabled during an active No Fly Time. When a student hovers over one of the ‘+ Create Pass’ buttons they will see a text box indicating that No Fly Time is active and it will also let them know when they can create a pass.

No Fly Time in Kiosk Mode

When ‘No Fly Time’ is active in Kiosk Mode, creating a pass will be disabled for the kiosk, and the kiosk homepage will be updated to show that ‘No Fly Time’ is active.

At the top of the Kiosk Mode screen there will be an orange header indicating that No Fly Time is active and the next time passes can be created. The Create Pass box will be disabled and grayed out.

Clicking either the orange box at the top or the disabled gray Create Pass box will display a list of all No Fly Times as well as highlight the current No Fly Time period in session.

Note: In order to use No Fly Time on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads ensure the SmartPass Mobile app is updated to version 1.11.6 or greater.


Are passes that are waiting in line canceled when No Fly Time begins?

No. Currently, Wait in Line passes will not be canceled when No Fly Time begins.

Can No Fly Time be applied to certain rooms and not others?

Not currently, No Fly Time applies to the campus as a whole.

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