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Pass Cooldown Time
Pass Cooldown Time

How long before a student can create another pass

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This feature will support classroom management of pass timing as well as prevent students from spamming hall passes with a "cool down" period.

In addition to limiting the number of passes a student can use per day, schools can also restrict student movement by adjusting the “Pass Cooldown Time”. This feature allows teachers to restrict students from creating a second pass immediately after the first pass ends. We don’t want students spamming pass requests to teachers and we don’t want students repeatedly leaving class.

Video Walkthrough

​How to Set Pass Cooldown

By default, “Pass Cooldown Time” is set to zero. This means students will not need to wait any period of time before creating a second pass.

To adjust this setting, you must be using an Admin account. From there, navigate to the “Rooms” dashboard, select “Options” on the top right, and set your “Cooldown Time”.

Put into Practice

When any student creates a pass without a request, a cooldown period will begin for when they are allowed to create another pass. If the student tries to create another pass while the cooldown period is still active no pass will be created and they will see an error message in the top right of the window as you can see below. When the cooldown period is over the student will be able to create another pass.

💡Important Note:

Even though students create pass requests, when a teacher approves the request SmartPass currently notes that as a teacher created pass so it is not affected by cooldown times.

Only passes to rooms without restrictions follow pass cooldown limits.


Does the pass cooldown apply on Kiosk Mode?

Yes, the pass cooldown applies on passes created in Kiosk Mode in order to support campus policies related to pass timing and usage.

Does the pass cooldown apply to teachers?

No, the pass cooldown does not apply to teachers creating passes for students. Teachers are given total override access; therefore, when circumstances require it, they are able to create a pass whenever necessary.

If a student has an emergency will they still be able to write a pass?

Yes, a teacher will need to override it, alternatively, a teacher can write the pass themselves as well.

Why might I want to enable pass cooldown?

This might be a powerful tool if you are finding students are writing passes in back-to-back classes and you wish to prevent this from happening.

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