Use attendance to track and monitor students' Flex attendance directly in SmartPass or export it to your Student Information System.

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Attendance & Flex Periods

One of the most common times that attendance will need to be taken that isn't easily done using your student information system is during a school Flex Period. Integrating the Attendance and Flex Period add-ons will help make student locations and movement easier to track and monitor for everyone.

Once you have your Flex Period configured and teachers have their activities set up, attendance will automatically be configured and prepped for each instance of the Flex Period.

Teachers Taking Attendance

Five (5) minutes before the Flex Period Activity is scheduled to begin...

  • Teachers can open the activity details on their calendar screen and see added attendance options

  • As students start to arrive for the Flex Activity, teachers make any changes to the attendance that are necessary by clicking on the designation to the right of each student's name

    • Teachers can mark all students present using the button at the bottom of the screen

    • Possible attendance designations are:

      • Present (marked as the default)

      • Absent

      • Late, Excused

      • Late Unexcused

  • Once all students are accounted for, teachers can close the attendance window by clicking on another part of the screen

  • If any changes need to be made, attendance can be updated throughout the Flex Period

In the example below, Mrs. Carrier is taking attendance for the Board Game Club during her school's Eagle Time on Thursday morning.

Students Checking Themselves In

Once the five (5) minute window before a Flex Period begins, students can also start checking themselves into their Flex Period Activities using a kiosk device in the room where the activity is occurring.

  • On a kiosk device, each student will need to click on "Check In" found on the top toolbar in the upper right corner of the window

  • Students can then 'check in' using whatever identifier(s) the teacher has enabled

    • Name

    • Email address (even a partial address works)

    • Student ID Number

    • Scan their ID card

  • If students get an error saying they failed to check in, that likely means that they are expected to be attending another Flex Activity and should be sent to the correct classroom.

  • Students who have successfully been marked present or checked in have passes created for them for the entire Flex Period by default so the teacher whose roster they are on can see which Flex Activity teacher they are with.

Check out the example below for how quick and easy this check-in process is for Music Lessons with Mr. Hughes.

Exporting Attendance Data

Admins can easily export all of their school's SmartPass data using the attendance tab in their admin account. Downloading to a CSV file will allow you to use the data in Excel or Google Sheets to analyze the data or import it into your Student Information System.

Exported reports include the following attendance 'codes' for all students signed up for an activity:

  • Present

  • Late

  • Absent

  • Not-Selected (notes which students had no attendance taken for them or did not check themselves in)


Can students check in from their student accounts?

No. Students will either have to check in through a Kioks or by a teacher, following the steps included in this guide.

Can Teachers/Admins change the Attendance status of a student?

Yes! They can simply go to the specific session and select a different status from the drop-down next to the student’s name.

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