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Flex Period Setup and Management
Flex Period Setup and Management

Use Flex Periods to monitor and support times in the school day when students have choices for where to be

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💡 What are Flex Periods?

Schools call flex periods by a variety of names... advisory, "Eagle Time," Power Hour, W.I.N. (What I Need) Time and more.

Regardless of the name, the intent is the same:

  • Teachers have flexible rosters and can offer a variety of activities or academic supports for students.

  • Students can schedule where they want to go for activities or seek specific supports based on their needs.

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Setting Up Flex Periods

In order for teachers and students to be able to schedule Flex Period options, SmartPass admins must first configure the available periods.

  1. Begin by navigating to the Flex tab in your admin console

  2. Click on 'Create Period'

  3. In the pop-up window, set the parameters for your school's flex period including the period name (don't forget to be specific for your school) and schedule for the periods.

In this example, the school is setting up their After School Clubs to occur every afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00pm.

Creating Flex Activities

Once you configure the available Flex Periods, teachers will need to schedule their teacher-specific activities that will occur during the available times. Activities can be set to occur during all or only some of the available Flex Periods throughout the week depending upon your needs and offerings.

To learn more about how to configure teacher-created Flex Activities, check out this detailed guide for teachers.

Viewing Flex Sessions & Activity Rosters

After teachers have created their activities, as an admin, you'll be able to get insights into the activity sign-ups (or lack there-of) for the entire campus as well as view and manage specific activities and sessions.

  1. On your Flex Admin dashboard, navigate to the Flex activity you'd like to get insights for

  2. In this view, you have three key tools you can use to help know where students are and which students have not signed up for an activity

Key Tools:

  1. Toggle between days to look at information for the current, previous, or future instances of the Flex Period

  2. Download a CSV File of the rosters for students who are (or aren't) in activities. These rosters will give you detailed insights on things like who signed a student up for a flex activity and who isn't signed up for an activity for this particular session.

  3. Detailed information about the specific activities being offered in this Flex Period Session, available in both overview and downloadable formats.

Viewing an Activity

  1. On your Flex Admin dashboard, click on any scheduled Flex Activity you want details for (section 3 in the tools above)

  2. Once the pop-up window opens, you'll see:

    • The section on the left that gives the details about the activity's teacher and settings

    • The section on the right that lists all upcoming sessions with student information by dates

Clicking on a specific session or date will take you into the details for that specific session of the teacher's activity and you'll be able to see and make changes to the roster for the session:


How does someone know if a student is already in a Flex Activity?

When adding a student to the activity, if they are already in another Flex Activity, this will be indicated next to their name.

Can students change a teacher's Flex Activity selection for them?

No, students can only change their own activity selections.

Can a teacher override another teacher's student assignment to a Flex Activity?

No, only admins can change a student's assignment to a Flex Activity once a teacher has added a student to their roster.

Can admins adjust Flex Activity rosters?

Yes, admins can make changes to all Flex Activity rosters.

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