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Selecting a Flex Activity
Selecting a Flex Activity

How students can select their own Flex Activities

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If your school uses Flex, you'll need to select your activity choices for each Flex Activity your teachers offer. Sometimes, teachers will schedule students' Activity selections for you, but here's how you can choose one yourself.

Selecting Flex Activities

Students are able to select their own Flex Activities from any available 'public event' options if you haven't been scheduled for an activity by a teacher. Providing these options gives you the power to express your voice and choice for their learning and get any help and support you feel you need.

For students to schedule their own Flex Activities you need to:

  1. Navigate to your calendar tab

  2. Select the Flex Period you want to schedule an activity for

  3. Select an activity from the available options

  4. Wait for the green square to appear around the activity and the pop-up box to close

  5. Confirm activity choice is correct when you see the activity with a green check mark

You can see what this looks like as Jacob sets his Flex Period Schedule for the next week or so in this video:


If a student was scheduled for an activity by a teacher, can students change where they are scheduled to go?

No, students can only change their own choices.

Do scheduled passes also appear on students' calendars during Flex Activities?

Yes, scheduled passes will be displayed alongside Flex Activities. Students who have additional scheduled passes during Flex Periods will need to talk to their Activity teacher about leaving.

Can I search for a specific activity?

Yes, if you know the name of the activity, you can search by using the search bar at the top-right corner of the selection window:

What happens if I’m already booked for an activity?

This means that a teacher has scheduled you for the activity. For any questions or concerns about that activity, please reach out to your teacher.

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