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Approving Pass Requests for Now
Approving Pass Requests for Now

How teachers can approve pass requests with a pin

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Hey Teachers! This guide will show you how to give the thumbs up to your students' pass requests using a special approval pin.

Wondering where to find your Approval Pin? Easy! Once you're logged in as a teacher, just look for the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click on it, and you'll spot the Approval Pin option.

Click on Approval Pin to discover your unique pin. You can stick with the default one or switch it up to a new 4-digit pin that suits you better.

Now, let's talk about approving passes with your Teacher Pin. When a room has restrictions, students can request a pass to visit that room. However, you need to give the green light on your end for the passes to become active. You can do this easily from the students home screen in SmartPass or on the kiosk.

Select the pass you want to approve and then enter in your pin on the students device.

And then click "Enter Teacher Pin"

And then voila!

You can also approve the pass on your device by clicking on the pass and clicking Approve.

Quick tip: Keep that pin under wraps! Don't share it with students unless you want them approving passes to your room. But if that ever happens, don't stress. You can change your pin as often as you like. Easy peasy!


How often can I change my Teacher Pin?

You can change your Teacher Pin as frequently as you like! There are no cooldown periods or limits to change this 4-digit pin.

What type of passes am I able to approve with a Teacher Pin?

Pass approvals for restricted destinations when you are the teacher or one of the teachers who approves the pass: Pass Requests Guide for Teachers

When there is a restriction for student check-in with the teacher, as an alternative to the Room Code: Room Check-ins Guide for Teachers

When a student has no more passes left for the day and needs a pass: Pass Limits

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