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Overtime Passes

How long an overtime pass will appear red and count up before ending automatically.

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What Does Overtime Mean?

When a student creates a pass and is out of class for longer than their allotted time, their pass drifts into “Overtime”. The pass will turn bright red on both the student’s and teacher’s device, and the pass will begin to count upwards until the student ends the pass. This “Overtime” counter acts as an additional data point for teachers to identify students who are lagging in the halls before returning to class

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How to change the overtime duration

“Overtime” duration is set automatically to 15 minutes. This means the “Overtime” counter will continue to record the students' missed class time for an additional 15 minutes after the pass was set to end. As an Admin, you are able to adjust this duration, from the Rooms tab, select Pass Options and find the setting Overtime Passes End After...From here, Admin can set the “Overtime” duration as needed for their campus.


What happens to a pass during the Overtime period?

The pass will turn bright red and the timer will count up towards your set limit. In some cases, you may also receive a notification that a pass going to or from your room is now overtime.

What happens after the overtime period has elapsed?

The pass will automatically end and no longer be displayed.

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