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Limiting the total number of students in hallways, disabling mobile devices, and more

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SmartPass is committed to making our Digital Hall Pass system as flexible and customizable as possible and we have included many of these settings in the Pass Options Menu. The Pass Options menu is located in the Options configuration tab in the Rooms page.

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This allows admins to limit the total number of students in the hallway, prevent students from using their mobile devices, and much more. Read on to see how you can customize SmartPass to fit your school.

There are 8 different settings for Pass Options:

  1. Allow Students to Use Phones

  2. No Fly Time

  3. Overtime Passes End After...(min)

  4. Pass Cooldown (min)

  5. Hallway Max Capacity

  6. Show Room Numbers on Passes

  7. Enable Wait In Line

  8. Time zone

Pass Options Menu

1. Allow Students to Use Phones

In today's digital age, smartphones have become an integral part of students' lives. Our "Allow Students to Use Phones" feature gives administrators control over whether students can access the SmartPass platform on their mobile devices. When disabled, students will need to use a different device, such as a computer or tablet, to use SmartPass.

With this feature, you can balance the need for convenience and accessibility with rules and guidelines for phone usage, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for managing student movement.

2. No Fly Time

This setting allows you to prevent passes at the start and end of your class periods, or even your school day.

3. Overtime Passes End After... (min)

This setting allows you to set a specific amount of time, beyond the expiration of a pass, before the system automatically ends and moves it to the "Expired Pass" section. It provides a grace period accommodating delays in students' movement, ensuring that a pass doesn't expire prematurely while a student is still en route.

For example, if you set the "Overtime Passes End After...(min)" to 5 minutes, that means a pass that has reached its end time will remain active for an additional 5 minutes before it's automatically ended and moved to the "Expired Pass" section.

4. Pass Cooldown

This feature will prevent students from spamming hall passes and messing with the system.
When any student creates a pass, a cooldown period will begin for when they are allowed to create another pass. If the student tries to create another pass while the cooldown period is still active no pass will be created and they will see an error message in the top right of the window as you can see below. When the cooldown period is over the student will be able to create another pass and another cooldown period will be set once again. This cooldown period is defaulted to be 0 minutes and can be set by administrators to what they see fit.

5. Hallway Max Capacity

This is where you can set the maximum number of active hall passes allowed at any given time in your school.

For example, if you set the "Max Hall Passes" to 10, only 10 active hall passes can be generated across the school at any given time. Once this limit is reached, no new hall passes can be created until an existing one is deactivated or expired.

This feature is extremely useful in managing the crowd flow within the school premises and ensuring a balanced distribution of students across various facilities at any given time.

6. Show Room Numbers of Passes

The "Showing Room Numbers" toggle allows you to control how room names are displayed on hall passes.

For instance, if you have designated your Economics room number as "Econ101", enabling the "Showing Room Numbers" option will add that room number to the pass; "Economics (Econ101)". This feature offers a concise and clear way to reference rooms, making it easier for students, teachers, and staff to identify the correct rooms quickly and efficiently.

You can also change any of your room number designations by clicking on any of your room tiles in the same "Rooms" view.

7. Enable Wait in Line

This toggle allows you to enable and disable the Wait in Line feature. When Wait in Line is enabled, students will be able to wait in a virtual line for a room when it is full. When it is disabled, students will be prevented from making a pass and will have to retry later. We recommend that all schools enable Wait in Line, as a result this is default turned ON.

8. Timezone

The timezone should be set correctly for your school when you get started. If it is incorrect, you may see scheduled passes appearing at the wrong times. This is where you can correct it.


Where do I learn more about these features?

Check out the support article specific to each feature for more information and more related FAQs.

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