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Show as Origin Room
Show as Origin Room
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By default, all rooms in SmartPass are set as both origin and destination rooms. This means when creating a hall pass, any room in the system can be chosen as the starting point or end point for a pass.

However, there are cases where certain rooms should ideally only function as destinations and not origins. For example, bathrooms are rarely the starting point for a pass as most passes involving bathrooms are round-trip passes originating in classrooms.

The "Show as Origin Room" feature allows you to configure this preference. Administrators can specify rooms that should not be selected as an origin when creating a pass. These rooms will then only appear as options for destination rooms.

Video Walkthrough

How to Use "Show as Origin Room"

  1. Navigate to the 'Rooms' tab on the SmartPass platform.

  2. Select the room that should not be set as an origin.

  3. Toggle off the "Show as Origin Room" option.

  4. Click 'Save'.

Once this is done, the selected room will no longer be listed among the origin rooms when creating a pass, but it will remain available in the list of destination rooms.

Benefits of Using "Show as Origin Room"

Implementing the "Show as Origin Room" feature can offer several advantages:

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency: By tailoring the selection of origin rooms, you can streamline the process of creating passes and reduce errors. For example, this feature can prevent situations where a bathroom or cafeteria is mistakenly set as an origin room.

Increased Control: The feature allows administrators to exert more control over student movement patterns within the school. It can help prevent misuse and simplify the tracking and management of student movements, especially in larger schools.

Flexibility: Each school is unique, and there may be areas in your school that are not standard starting locations for passes, such as a library, auditorium, or specific lab. The "Show as Origin Room" feature offers the flexibility to adapt the hall pass system to your specific needs.

Ease for Teachers: If certain rooms are typically only destinations (like a nurse's office or principal's office), removing them from the list of potential origin rooms simplifies the process for teachers when creating passes.

Enhanced Safety: Regulating which rooms can serve as origins for passes can improve overall school safety and security by providing better oversight of student movements.

The "Show as Origin Room" feature is a demonstration of SmartPass's commitment to providing schools with adaptable, efficient solutions for managing student movements. Your feedback is always welcome as we strive to make SmartPass the best tool it can be.


Can rooms within a folder have different Origin Room settings?

No, all rooms within a folder will have the same Origin setting. For any room you wish to have a different origin toggle, you will need to build it as an independent room from the folder.

What rooms should not be considered Origin Rooms?

Any room a student would never start a pass from. Some examples are: Restrooms, Water Fountains, Lockers, Vending Machines, etc.

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