Wait in Line

When the max capacity for a room has been reached, students can get sent into a virtual waiting line until the room opens up.

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Wait in Line is a game-changing feature that helps students stay focused and on-task while waiting for destination rooms to become available.

By waiting in the virtual line when the Room maximum capacity has been reached, students can improve classroom engagement, and reduce their time spent out of class.

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How it works

Wait in Line is enabled by default. Students will be added to a virtual waiting line when a room has reached its Max Capacity. Click here to learn how to set up Room Max Capacity.

For example, if a room, such as a water fountain has an Max Capacity of 1 and that pass has already been activated by another student, the next student(s) requesting will be given the option to "Wait in Line" instead of "Start Pass." Once the student clicks "Wait in Line", their position in the queue will be displayed. The student waiting for their pass will be given the chance to start their pass upon the return of the student on an Active Pass. A student has 30 seconds to accept this pass.

Note: If the teacher is creating the pass, it will say "Send to Line" instead of "Send Pass."

If the first student in line fails to start their pass within the given time, the second student in line will be prompted to start their pass, and the first student will be put back at the front of the queue. If a student in line misses their chance to start the pass for the second time, they will be automatically removed from the waiting line.

Wait in Line can also be used in rooms with restrictions. If the pass limit has been reached for a restricted room, the teacher must approve the pass request before the student can be added to the waiting line. The passes currently waiting in line are only visible on the origin teacher's home page, the kiosk the pass was created on (if applicable) and the student's device.

Override Wait in Line

Teachers also have the ability to start the pass for a student that is in the waiting line by clicking the options on the pass and clicking "Start Pass Now." The teacher will then be prompted to override the Active Pass Limit.

Wait in Line on a Kiosk

Wait in Line functions the same on a kiosk as it does on a student's 1 to 1 device.

You will know that the pass that is ready to start when it pops up and becomes the full screen to alert the student to begin their pass. The kiosk will also chime to alert students it is their turn. The pass remains this way until the 30-second time limit has expired, or until it is deleted.

Disabling Wait in Line

Wait in Line is enabled by default. If your school prefers to disable it, admins can follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Rooms tab.

  2. Click Options at the top right to display the Pass Options.

  3. Toggle "Enable Wait in Line" off then hit "Save."

NOTE: For iOS users, it is necessary to restart the app in order to activate the "Wait in Line" feature.

Important Notes

  • If a teacher tries to create passes for multiple students at the same time that exceeds the Max Capacity of the destination room, the teacher will be prompted to override the limit, and the students will not be added to the waiting line.

  • Teachers can only create passes one at a time consecutively if they want their students to be added to the waiting line.

  • Students in an Encounter Prevention Group can both get in line but cannot have an active pass at the same time.


Can a teacher override a wait in line pass in the case of an emergency?

Yes, a teacher can do this by clicking on the wait in line pass and overriding this limit.

What happens if a student misses their turn in line?

If after 30 seconds a student does not accept the pass, and there is someone else in line, they get bumped back a spot. If there is no line behind them their turn is canceled, and the pass would need to be written again.

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