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Hallway Max Capacity
Hallway Max Capacity

Total max number of active passes. When reached, only staff can create passes.

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In addition to setting capacity sizes to student locations, such as restrooms and water fountains, you’re also able to set the maximum number of hall passes allowed at any given time at your school.

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Setting Up Hallway Max Capacity

  1. To set this up simply click the Options button on your rooms page and go to Hallway Max Capacity.

  2. Select the number you wish to set as your Hallway Max Capacity

Note: The term "hallway" here to refer to all of the hallways in your building. For example, if you set the “Max Hall Passes” to 10, only 10 students will be allowed to generate a hall pass across the school at any given time.

Teachers will always be able to override this feature when circumstances require this.


How do I balance my Hallway Max Capacity with my Room Max Capacity?

Room Max capacity will help you more directly control which areas have X number of students. This will help you not have to select such a low number for your Hallway Max. By using too low of a number for your Hallway Max you may prevent a student from asking for a pass to see a nurse or counselor.

How do I set a different capacity for a different hallway or building on campus?

Hallway Max Capacity is the max capacity for all passes in all of your halls, it cannot be separated by area. Consider using your room max capacities to help here!

Do all passes count towards my Hallway Max Capacity?

Scheduled passes do not, but all other passes do.

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