Pass Limits

Limit the number of passes students can have per day.

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Pass Limits will limit the number of passes a student can make each day at your school.

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Setting Up Pass Limits

To set up pass limits, make sure you're signed in as an administrator. Go to the Accounts tab on the left, and click on Pass Limits near the top right.

From here, you can turn on the Limit for All Students. Simply select the number of passes you wish each student to have. Note, this will only count rooms/passes toggled to "Count Towards Pass Limits".

There is also an option to set an Individual Limit for specific students. Individual pass limits overrule the Limit for All Students. This is great to provide further intervention, or to accommodate your students with IEP/504/Medical needs by providing more passes than your Limit for All Students amount.

Teachers and administrators can also see a student's pass limit from the Student Snapshot page. Only administrators are able to change the pass limit.

Pass Limits for Certain Rooms

You can disable certain rooms from counting toward the pass limit. This helps schools manage student movement more effectively by restricting passes to other areas without impacting access to specific locations. Click here to learn more.


What happens when a student reaches their limit?

When a student reaches their daily limit, they'll still be able to create passes — however, each pass will be shown as restricted with a lock icon and require teacher approval.

Can teachers override pass limits?

Yes! If a teacher is sending a pass to a student or approving a pass for a student, and the student has reached the limit, a teacher will be shown a warning — and they can manually override the limit.

Can students see their daily limit?

Yes. Students will see a number in the top right corner of the "Now" button, indicating how many passes they have remaining for the day

Do pass limits apply to all passes?

Pass limits only apply to passes for now. Pass limits do not apply to scheduled passes. ‍Pass limits also will only apply to rooms with "Counts Towards Pass Limits" toggled on.

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