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Having Rooms Count Towards Pass Limits
Having Rooms Count Towards Pass Limits

School administrators are able to set which rooms count towards daily pass limits for students on campus.

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This feature will allow schools to configure which rooms count towards a student's daily pass limit, and which do not. By using this setting you can ensure you are tallying trips out of the classroom such as restrooms, and water fountain visits, but not penalizing students for visiting the social worker, another teacher, or even a principal.

Video Walkthrough

Why Might I Need This?

Schools often will disable pass limits for student movement that might be considered productive. For example, a student may need to move from one class to another in order to make up a test. In this situation, we do not want to penalize the student for constructive time spent in an alternate classroom; therefore, schools will usually disable pass limits for class-to-class movement.

Alternatively, most schools will count trips such as restrooms and water fountains towards a student's pass limit. These proper configurations ensure that passes are "fairly" counted towards student movement.

Setting "Counts Towards Pass Limits"

  1. Log in as an Admin.

  2. Navigate to the "Rooms" section.

  3. Click on the room you want to modify the pass limit settings for.

  4. Locate the "Counts toward pass limits" toggle. This toggle will be enabled by default.

  5. To disable counting passes to this room towards the pass limit, simply toggle off the "Counts toward pass limits" setting.

  6. Click "Save."

  7. Once disabled, passes to that specific room will no longer count toward the students' pass limits. Students won't see if a certain room counts toward the pass limit or not.

Tip: Enable pass limits for areas like restrooms and water fountains, while disabling them for the majority of other rooms.

For iOS users: To utilize this feature, ensure that the app is updated to version 1.10.2 or higher.


I want to count a room towards pass limits, but how do I accommodate students with medical needs/504/IEPs?

You can adjust a student's pass limit on an individual basis by going to the pass limits settings on your accounts page.

I have toggled these settings on for some rooms, but it seems my students do not have any passes counted to these locations. What did I do?

You likely have not turned on pass limits for students yet. Head to your accounts tab and click pass limits to do this.

Which types of rooms should count towards pass limits, and which should not?

Typically schools count restrooms, water fountains, lockers, and maybe a few other ones. Be sure to include any areas where students have a history of "abusing" passes.

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