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How to create Digital ID Cards in SmartPass
How to create Digital ID Cards in SmartPass

How to build your Digital ID cards

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It's easy to create, customize, and distribute Digital ID Cards for everyone in your school. This article will explain each feature of the card, as well as how to set them live and how to access them.

Video Overview

ID Cards can be found on the left hand side of your Admin account.

1. Customize the ID Cards

There are a handful of options to configure before you launch ID cards in your school.

Color & Logo

You can change the ID card to match your school's colors, and upload your school logo or mascot to put on the card.

Backside Text

You can add text on the back of the ID card, such as emergency phone numbers, hotlines, and websites. Be sure to check local, state and federal laws on what might be required to place on the back of ID Cards.

Profile Pictures

Follow the instructions here to set up profile pictures for your school. Once you have them enabled, they will automatically appear on ID Cards.

ID Numbers

Follow the instructions here to set up ID Numbers for your school. If you are using Clever or ClassLink integrations you may have ID numbers in the system already.

Type of Barcode

Once you have them enabled, you can select which type of barcode you want to display on the ID Cards. Currently, we support these barcode types:

  • Traditional (Code 39)

  • QR Code

Grade Levels

Follow the instructions here to set up Grade Levels for your school. Once you have them enabled, they will automatically appear on ID Cards. If you are using Clever or ClassLink integrations you may have Grade Levels in the system already.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security prevents students from taking a screenshot or screen recording of the ID card. Enhanced Security also provides a moving component to show that the ID card is live and not a copy. All of these pieces of security prevent students from falsifying or sharing their ID cards. Click here to learn more.

Visible to

Here you can select who will get your ID cards: students, staff or both


You can add Stickers to certain students' SmartPass Digital ID Card. They are great for things like bus numbers, cafeteria privileges, sports/after school activity permissions and much more. To learn more about stickers head over to that support article by clicking here.

2. Set Your IDs "Live"

To set IDs live for everyone at your school, click Set Live in the top right corner of the ID Card options window. Instantly, every account will have access to its own ID card.

If you scroll down to Settings, you can choose whether to enable ID Cards for only students, only staff, or both students and staff. Once you have set the cards scroll down to Visible to and select which accounts should receive IDs. Here you can also find the option to Disable ID Cards.

3. Accessing and Using ID Cards

Once live, students and staff will see an ID card button in the top right next to their name. Once they press that button, their ID card will appear on the screen. ID Cards are only available on IOS and Android apps currently. Shown here is the IOS app.

ID cards can also be printed, you just need to reach out to support over chat and we will help you with that.


Can SmartPass ID cards be used with other software and programs on our campus?

Usually, our ID cards can be used for scanning things such as lunches and library books. We base our barcodes on student ID numbers. Please check the capabilities of your existing hardware and software. Reach out to our support team with questions.

Can ID Cards still be accessed on a cellphone if we have disabled students from making passes on their phones?

Yes! As long as they have the app installed they can still select and view their ID card.

What is the difference between the free ID cards and the ID Cards Pro?

Pro IDs include Enhanced Security features to ensure students don't falsify an ID, as well as options to add stickers as a visual indicator for certain permissions on your campus.

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