Parent Accounts

How to set up parent accounts in SmartPass

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Parent Accounts is a Hall Pass Pro feature that enables families to view their child's hallway movement via SmartPass.

Once parents or guardians have created an account, they can see real-time information about their student's movement in SmartPass.

Video Walkthrough

A student detail screen looks like this for a parent:

To Sign Up for Parent/Guardian Accounts

Families need to head to to sign up for a parent/guardian account.

Once they have signed up, they will be redirected to the Parent dashboard where they can add their student using an invite code provided by the school.

Where Can I Find the Invite Code?

Parents/guardians will need an Invite Code to link their students to their accounts.

Invite codes can only be downloaded by SmartPass admins.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download codes:

  1. From the admin view, go to Accounts.

  2. Click the "Invite Families" at the top right.

  3. Click "Download Parent Invite Codes."

This will download a spreadsheet of the student accounts and the invite code for each. You can then share this invite code with families as part of your communications with families.

How to Add a Student to a Parent Account

From a parent/guardian account, parents/guardians should click "Add a student". A pop-up will appear where they can enter their invite code provided by the school.

Once they enter the invite code, the student will be added and parents can then click on the student's account and view the passes activity of the student.

Parents can add multiple students by repeating the same steps.


Can parents change notification preferences?

No. Parents do not have access to notifications settings.

Can parents see their children’s active or scheduled passes?

No. Parents cannot view active or scheduled passes. They can only view expired passes.

Can parents see their children’s pass limits or the encounter prevention groups?

No. Parents do not have access to this information when using parent accounts.

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