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Launch Prep Resources
Launch Prep Resources

Resources to help your school have a successful launch

Updated over a week ago

Community Letter

We've created a info-packed letter designed to introduce your community to all things SmartPass. We recognize that parents always have questions, but this message is aimed at reducing the number of inquiries landing in your inbox.

Feel free to share letter this within your community. We always encourage schools to personalize it to fit the personality of your school!

Hallway Posters

SmartPass has created some engaging posters designed for display throughout your school. These posters provide a fun introduction to your students and staff about their new hall-pass solution. Schools using posters have even seen improved teacher engagement, as the regular visibility of SmartPass creates additional buy-in from the faculty.

Launchpad Logo

Many schools have found it beneficial to put a link to SmartPass on their student launchpad. This integration allows for enhanced accessibility for both students and staff. The link below will take you to our logo. Please reach out to your CSM if you run into any trouble!


These resources are great, but I am looking for training-related resources, where do I find these?

Head over to SmartPass Academy to check out the awesome sessions we offer!

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