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Syncing accounts through G Suite
Syncing accounts through G Suite

How to sync your accounts through our G Suite integration

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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up G Suite Syncing with SmartPass, enabling you to synchronize your data seamlessly.

1. Create a new G Suite admin for the SmartPass sync

To avoid losing access when an individual leaves your school, please follow these steps to make a new G Suite admin account. This will also allow you to limit what permissions SmartPass has in your G Suite.

  1. Sign in to the G Suite admin console here:

  2. Under Users, create an account dedicated to the SmartPass sync.

    For example:
    [email protected] (Be sure to save the password for later use.)

  3. Next, go to the following page: and click on Create new role.

  4. Assign it a name such as "SmartPass Sync Admin Role" and click Continue.

  5. Select the following permissions and hit save:

    • Admin Console Privileges > Organizational Units > Read

    • Admin Console Privileges > Users > Read

    • Admin API Privileges > Organizational Units > Read

    • Admin API Privileges > Users > Read

  6. Next, go back to the main page of the role you just created and click on Assign users or admins assigned:

2. Link SmartPass to your G Suite

Next, we will link your SmartPass account to your G Suite account.

  1. Locate your SmartPass admin account credentials given to you by your Customer Success Manager.

    Typically, you can find these credentials in your SmartPass Onboarding Plan, and it looks like the following: [email protected].

  2. Navigate to our web app ( and sign in with the account.

  3. On the left, select Accounts, then select Integrations. Then, click on the Setup G Suite button and follow the prompts.

  4. When you are prompted to sign in with a Google account, sign in with the [email protected] account created in the previous steps above.

  5. If successful, you will be redirected back to SmartPass where you can configure and link the Google OUs.

3. Configure Organizational Units to sync

In SmartPass, you can sync any number and any level of OUs into each SmartPass account type.

Sample OU Sharing:

Students: /Students/2022, /Students/2023, /Students/2024, /Students/2025

Teachers: /Staff

Admins: /Staff/Administration

Start by determining what OUs you need for each account type and follow the below steps. If you want to sync your accounts by Google Groups (email groups), please check our FAQ at the bottom of this guide.

Once you've determined the OUs to sync, navigate back to the G Suite settings page under Accounts > Integrations > GSuite Settings in SmartPass:

  1. Click on Edit accounts syncing, then click the Add button to search for and add the appropriate OUs for each account type.

  2. Click Save on the top right, then click Save. When completed, it will take up to 24 hours for your accounts to sync with SmartPass. Alternatively, you can contact our Support Team or your Customer Success Manager so that we can run the initial sync for you.

  3. Congratulations! Your SmartPass account sync is good to go. If you run into any issues, please contact us! We are happy to help.

Important Notes

Teacher/Admin Dual Accounts

In SmartPass, Admins can also be Teachers and vice-versa. Sync any OUs that contain only your building administrators to the Admin user types so that they can automatically be assigned both Teacher and Admin roles in SmartPass.

Accounts that have been suspended in Google, are automatically excluded from the G Suite sync. Those accounts will not appear in SmartPass.

Optional: Use the Google Instant Login Link

On your school's website and student/staff dashboards, instead of linking to our regular sign-in page, you can link to our special sign-in link for Google:

The link will skip the step where users enter their email addresses and instantly take them to the Google sign-in page.


How Does G-Suite Integration work?

SmartPass uses Google’s Admin SDK to periodically pull user info from G Suite. The Admin SDK covers a wide number of G Suite management use cases and permissions that are not needed for SmartPass. We only request the permissions that we need to sync users.

Unfortunately, Google does not currently provide a better API for this purpose, and other services also use the Admin SDK.

In SmartPass, you will configure which Google Organizational Units (OUs) to sync your users from and what account types they should map to: either student, teacher, or admin.

When does syncing occur?

The sync between SmartPass and Google happens once every 24 hours at 11:00 PM EST. The sync usually takes a few hours to complete.

If you need to sync during the day, please contact our Support Team for assistance via chat or email.

How do I sync accounts using Google Groups?

To sync accounts using Google Groups (email groups), you'll need to add the following permissions to the SmartPass Sync account created above:

  • Admin Console Privileges > Groups

  • Admin API Privileges > Groups > Read

After you add these permissions, send us a chat and let us know the email address for the groups you'd like to sync and which role each group should have (Admin, Teacher, or Student).

I am getting an error code. What should I do?

Please check our guide on Troubleshooting Google Workspace Error 400, which contains troubleshooting steps to resolve the most common issues that result in an error code when trying to authorize Google Workspace Directory integration with SmartPass.

What do I need to prepare for next school year?

As a new school year approaches, it's essential to ensure a seamless transition for your entire SmartPass system, including roster information.

Please view our 📝 Back to School Checklist guide for Summer actions when using the G Suite integration.

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