Deleting Passes

How to delete passes from the passes report

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During the initial launch of SmartPass at your school, we highly recommend that teachers actively engage with the system by experimenting with its features. One common practice among SmartPass schools is for teachers to create and end fake passes as a way to familiarize themselves with the process.

To facilitate this learning experience without cluttering your digital record book, we're offering you the opportunity to create these practice passes. It's important to note that maintaining a clean record will involve deleting these practice passes before the official launch of SmartPass at your school.

Video Walkthrough

How to Delete Passes

Quick reminder: All setting adjustments and pass deletions do require an Admin login.

From the admin dashboard, navigate to the "Explore" tab on the far left and select the "Passes" page. Select a few passes, or utilize the box at the top to delete all passes. Once these passes have been selected, press the three dots in the top right corner, and press delete.


Can teachers or students delete passes?

No. Only users with the admin role can delete passes from the Explore>Passes section in SmartPass.

Can I restore passes that were accidentally deleted?

Yes, deleted passes can be restored for up to 90 days after deletion. If you realize passes need to be restored, please contact us, and we can complete the process on our end.

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