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Filter & Hide Expired Passes
Filter & Hide Expired Passes

Filter the expired passes section on your dashboard, or hide it altogether

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As a teacher, keeping your SmartPass home screen organized is essential for a smooth teaching experience. If you've noticed an accumulation of expired passes causing visual distractions on your page, follow these simple steps to tidy up your space.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Navigate to Your Home Tab:

    • Start by locating the Home Tab on SmartPass. This is where you'll find the tools to manage various aspects of your Home Screen

  • Click the Filter Icon:

    • Look for the Filter icon located in the center of your screen. Clicking on this icon will allow you to filter and manage the display of passes.

    • You can select the following filtering options:

      • Past Hour

      • Today

      • Past 3 Days

      • Past 7 Days

      • This School Year

      • All Time

By following these steps, you'll be able to hide expired passes, maintaining a clean and focused home screen. This ensures that you can concentrate on what matters most – delivering quality education to your students.


Can I toggle to hide/show Ended Passes somewhere else?

Yes, you can go to your Teacher Settings > Appearance > Toggle on or off Show Ended Passes.

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